The Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia has 14 non-partisan members: 10 members elected for a two-year term in 10 single-seat constituencies and 4 members elected for a four-year term, one from every state 'at large'.

Speakers of the Congress

Name Period
Bethwel Henry 1979–1987
Jack Fritz 1987–2003
Peter M. Christian May 12, 2003 – May 11, 2007
Isaac V. Figir May 11, 2007 – May 11, 2013[1]
Dohsis Halbert May 11, 2013[1] – May 11, 2015
Wesley W. Simina May 11, 2015 –

e • d Summary of the 8 March 2011 Micronesian Congress election results
Members Seats
Non-partisans 14
Total (turnout  %) 14


Members after the FSM General Election of March 3, 2015.[2]

State District Member Places represented Notes
Senator (At-Large) Wesley W. Simina Chuuk
One Florencio Singkoro Harper Mortlock Islands
Two Victor (Vicky) Gouland Northern Namoneas
Three Bonsiano Fasy Nethon Southern Namoneas
Four Tiwiter Aritos Faichuuk Region
Five Robson U. Romolou Halls and Northwestern Islands
Senator (At-Large) Yosiwo P. George Kosrae
One Paliknoa K. Welly Kosrae
Senator (At-Large) Joseph J. Urusemal Yap
One Isaac V. Figir Yap
Senator (At-Large) Peter M. Christian Pohnpei
One Ferney Perman Sokehs, Kolonia, Sapwuahfik, Nuhuoro and Kapingamarangi
Two Berney Martin Madolenihmw and Kitti
Three David W. Panuelo U, Nett, Mwoakilloa and Pingelap

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