Conglomerate companies of the United States



Conglomerate or conglomeration may refer to: *
Conglomerate (company) A conglomerate () is a multi-industry company – i.e., a combination of multiple business entities operating in entirely different industries under one corporate group, usually involving a parent company and many subsidiaries. Conglomerates ...
Conglomerate (geology) Conglomerate () is a clastic sedimentary rock that is composed of a substantial fraction of rounded to subangular gravel-size clasts. A conglomerate typically contains a matrix of finer-grained sediments, such as sand, silt, or clay, which fills ...
* Conglomerate (mathematics) In popular culture: * The Conglomerate (American group), a production crew and musical group founded by Busta Rhymes ** Conglomerate (record label), a hip hop label founded by Busta Rhymes * The Conglomerate (Australian group), a jazz quartet

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* Conglomerate Ridge, in the Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica * ConGlomeration (convention) {{disambiguation