Confederate Conscription Acts 1862���1864


Confederacy or confederate may refer to:

States or communities

* Confederate state or confederation, a union of sovereign groups or communities * Confederate States of America, a confederation of secessionist American states that existed between 1861 and 1865 ** Military forces of the Confederate States, the Army, Marine Corps, and Navy of the Confederacy * Confederate Ireland, a period of Irish self-government during the Eleven Years' War * Canadian Confederation, the 1867 unification of the three parts of Canada into the Dominion of Canada * Confederation of the Rhine, a group of French client states that existed during the Napoleonic Wars * Catalan-Aragonese Confederation, a group of Spanish states that were governed by one king * Gaya confederacy, an ancient grouping of territorial polities in southern Korea * German Confederation, an association of German-speaking states prior to German Unification * Iroquois Confederacy, group of united Native American nations in present-day Canada and the United States * Maratha Confederacy, a group of Indian states in the 1700s * North German Confederation, a federation in northern Germany from 1867 to 1870 * Peru–Bolivian Confederation, a federation of several states in present day Peru and Bolivia that existed between 1836 and 1839 * Powhatan Confederacy, a group of Native American tribes on the Atlantic coast governed by a single chief * Sikh Confederacy, a group of states confederated during the 18th century in the Punjab region * Swiss Confederation or Switzerland, a federal republic in Europe ** Old Swiss Confederacy, a confederation that was the predecessor of the current Swiss state * Three Confederate States of Gojoseon, states thought to have existed in present day Korea during the Bronze Age * Northwestern Confederacy, a group of Native American tribes in the Great Lakes region that united after the American revolution

Fictional confederacies

* Breen Confederacy, a political entity in the ''Star Trek'' universe * Capellan Confederation, a political entity in the ''Battletech'' universe * Galactic Confederacy, part of the Scientology mythos * Terran Confederacy, a political entity in the ''StarCraft'' universe * Terran Confederation (Wing Commander), Terran Confederation (''Wing Commander''), a political entity in the ''Wing Commander'' universe * Confederacy of Independent Systems, a secessionist political entity in the ''Star Wars'' universe

Other uses

* Confederacy (British political group), a society within the British Conservative Party during the early twentieth century * Confederates (novel), ''Confederates'' (novel), a novel by Thomas Keneally * Confederate (TV series), ''Confederate'' (TV series), a cancelled HBO television program

See also

* Confederation (disambiguation) * ''A Confederacy of Dunces'', a novel written by John Kennedy Toole, published in 1980 * ''Condica confederata'' or the confederate, a moth in the family Noctuidae * Confederate Motors, an American manufacturer of motorcycles * Battle of the Confederates, a battle in early Muslim history * Chevrolet Series BA Confederate, an automobile manufactured in 1932 * Federacy, where one or several states or regions enjoy considerably more independence than the majority * Federation, a union comprising a number of partially self-governing states or regions united by a central government * Baro Bhuyans, confederacies of soldier-landowners in Assam and Bengal in late middle age and early modern period {{disambiguation