Compound may refer to:



  • Compound interest, unpaid interest that is added to the principal so that subsequent interest is calculated on the grossed amount

Government and law

Science, technology, and mathematics

Biology and medicine

  • Compounding, the mixing of drugs in pharmacy
  • Compound fracture, a complete fractures of bone where at least one fragment has damaged the skin, soft tissue or surrounding body cavity
  • Compound leaf, a type of leaf being divided into smaller leaflets

Chemistry and materials science


Vehicles and engines

  • Compound engine, a steam engine in which steam is expanded through a series of two or three cylinders before exhaust
  • Turbo-compound engine, an internal combustion engine where exhaust gases expand through power-turbines
  • Compounding pressure, a method in which pressure in a steam turbine is made to drop in a number of stages
  • Eisenhuth Horseless Vehicle Company, or Compound, a former US automobile make with a unique compound gasoline engine; exhausts of 2 cylinders were expanded in a larger third one

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