The Info List - Comic Strip Classics

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The COMIC STRIP CLASSICS series of commemorative postage stamps was issued by the US Postal Service on October 1, 1995 to honor the centennial of the newspaper comic strip . The twenty stamps all are listed in the Scott catalogue
Scott catalogue
as No. 3000 for a pane and 3000a through 3000t for the individual stamps.

Restricted to strips created before 1950, the series featured drawings of comic strip characters with their logos. The stamps were arranged in five tiers with four stamps to a tier. The featured strips are listed here in the sequence as published:

* The Yellow Kid
The Yellow Kid
* The Katzenjammer Kids
Katzenjammer Kids
* Little Nemo in Slumberland * Bringing Up Father
Bringing Up Father
* Krazy Kat
Krazy Kat
* Rube Goldberg’s Inventions * Toonerville Folks
Toonerville Folks
* Gasoline Alley
Gasoline Alley
* Barney Google * Little Orphan Annie
Little Orphan Annie
* Popeye
* Blondie * Dick Tracy * Alley Oop
Alley Oop
* Nancy * Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon
* Li\'l Abner * Terry and the Pirates * Prince Valiant
Prince Valiant
* Brenda Starr