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COLWYN BAY (Welsh : Bae Colwyn) is a town , community and seaside resort in Conwy County Borough
Conwy County Borough
on the north coast of Wales
overlooking the Irish Sea
Irish Sea
. Eight neighbouring communities are incorporated within its postal district. Established as its own separate parish in 1844 with just a small grouping of homes and farms where the community of Old Colwyn stands today, Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
has expanded to become the second-largest community and business centre in the north of Wales
as well as the 15th largest in the whole of Wales
with the urban statistical area having a population of 31,353 at the 2011 census. (Including Old Colwyn , Rhos-on-Sea , Mochdre and Llysfaen communities]. Locally nicknamed "The Bay".


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"Pier and Pavilion, Colwyn Bay, Wales", ca. 1890 - 1900.

The western side of Colwyn Bay, Rhos-on-Sea , includes a number of historic sites associated with St Trillo and Ednyfed Fychan , the 13th century general and councillor to Llywelyn the Great
Llywelyn the Great


Bay of Colwyn Town
Council is a statutory body, covering the communities in the urban area. The mayor for 2016 - 2017 is Councillor John Davies.


The town is situated about halfway along the north coast of Wales, between the sea and the Pwllycrochan Woods on the towering hillside. Groes yn Eirias (Welsh:Cross in Torch) was once a separate hamlet centred on the Glyn farmhouse (c1640) but the area is now occupied by the Glyn estate and Eirias Park .


As with the rest of the British Isles
British Isles
, Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
experiences a maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters, and often high winds. The local climate is well known for the prevalence of Foehn winds - where winds from the South pass over the nearby mountains and warm and dry on their descent, leading to far higher temperatures than otherwise might be expected; the area holds the Welsh high temperature record for January, March, August, October, November and December.



AVERAGE HIGH °C (°F) 8.5 (47.3) 8.4 (47.1) 10.3 (50.5) 12.1 (53.8) 15.2 (59.4) 17.6 (63.7) 19.6 (67.3) 19.4 (66.9) 17.4 (63.3) 14.3 (57.7) 11.1 (52) 8.9 (48) 13.6 (56.5)

AVERAGE LOW °C (°F) 2.8 (37) 2.7 (36.9) 4.1 (39.4) 5.3 (41.5) 7.7 (45.9) 10.4 (50.7) 12.5 (54.5) 12.5 (54.5) 10.7 (51.3) 8.1 (46.6) 5.7 (42.3) 3.2 (37.8) 7.2 (45)

AVERAGE PRECIPITATION MM (INCHES) 74.7 (2.941) 53.0 (2.087) 57.5 (2.264) 50.7 (1.996) 52.9 (2.083) 56.1 (2.209) 52.1 (2.051) 64.6 (2.543) 70.2 (2.764) 96.8 (3.811) 89.8 (3.535) 90.2 (3.551) 808.7 (31.839)

MEAN MONTHLY SUNSHINE HOURS 56.2 81.8 115.0 162.8 209.0 185.6 189.6 174.7 135.2 108.2 59.9 44.1 1,522

Source: Met Office
Met Office


Prior to local government reorganisation on 1 April 1974 Colwyn Bay was a municipal borough with a population of around 25,000, but in 1974 this designation disappeared leaving five separate parishes, known as communities in Wales, of which the one bearing the name Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
encompassed just the central part of the overall town and in the 2001 Census contained just 9,742 people, with the others as follows: Mochdre (1,862), Rhos-on-Sea (7,110), Glan Conwy
(2,290), Old Colwyn (7,626) and Llysfaen (2,652). This gives a total figure for the six communities of 31,382, generally referred to as the population of Colwyn Bay, making it the 16th largest urban area in Wales
and the second largest settlement in North Wales
. Bringing 2011 figures into account that figure is now 33,549. The area is sometimes referred to by the name Bay of Colwyn.

According to the census of 2001, 20% of the population can speak Welsh fluently. The highest percentage of speakers is in the 10–14 years age group, where 38% can speak the language.


The town is dominated by the tourist trade, because of its famous beaches. A business and commercial centre with rail links and close access to the activities that are available in the surrounding countryside. Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
is a Fairtrade Town
as certified by the Fairtrade Foundation as part of the Fairtrade Towns scheme.


Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
hosted the National Eisteddfod in 1910, 1947.


The town has parks and gardens and many places of natural beauty such as Eirias Park . Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
has received a gold award 8 times in the Wales
in Bloom competition. In 2009 and 2010 the town has been invited to enter Britain in Bloom and has been awarded silver gilt in both years. The Welsh Mountain Zoo is nearby.

The Porth Eirias Watersports Centre offers tuition in sailing, windsurfing and power boating as well as kayak and canoe hire. In 2013 it was nominated for Building Design
Building Design
's Carbuncle Cup .


The Victoria Pier has been closed to the public since 2009 when a dispute between Conwy County Borough
Conwy County Borough
Council and the pier's owner led to him being declared bankrupt. There are now arguments between whether it should remain standing or if it would be better to remove the pier. Rob Dix, Head of Business and Tourism in Conwy, has said: “The straight answer to ‘Will it ever be demolished’ is that the council hope it will, substantially. We want to see it demolished for health and safety and visual reasons to be able to re-open that section of the beach,”. The lower end of the pier partially collapsed into the sea in January 2017 and in February Conwy
Council announced the pier would be dismantled and stored away with a view of restoring it at a later date.

Llety\'r Dryw is a Grade II listed house in Abergele
Road, built for the uncle of Anthony Eden and now used as the training centre for North Wales
Police. Llys Euryn is a medieval manor house on Bryn Euryn , now in ruins.


The town is served by Colwyn Bay railway station located in the town centre on the North Wales
Coast Line with trains run by Arriva Trains Wales
and Virgin Trains
Virgin Trains
. The A55 road
A55 road
passes through the town, running parallel to the North Wales
Coast Line .


The Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway operated an electric tramway service between Llandudno
and Rhos-on-Sea from 1907 and extended to Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
in 1908. The service closed in 1956.


Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
has three secondary schools - one private and two state. Eirias High School is in Eirias Park and Ysgol Bryn Elian is in Old Colwyn . Ysgol Bryn Elian mainly serves Old Colwyn and Eirias High School mainly serves Colwyn Bay, Rhos on Sea
Rhos on Sea
and Penrhyn Bay. Rydal Penrhos is a private school, which is on multiple sites in the town. The town's primary schools are Ysgol Glan y Mor, Ysgol Pendorlan, Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn, Ysgol T Gwynn Jones, Ysgol Hen Golwyn, and Saint Joseph's R.C. Primary and the Welsh-language Ysgol Bod Alaw.


Anglican churches in and around the town include the parish church St Paul\'s Church , St David\'s Welsh Church , St John the Baptist\'s Church , St Joseph\'s Roman Catholic Church and Christ Church, Bryn-y-Maen to the south of the town.


The local football team is Colwyn Bay F.C. , the local cricket team is Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
Cricket Club who play at Penrhyn Avenue and the rugby union team is Colwyn Bay RFC . As of 2012, the RGC 1404
RGC 1404
rugby team also play in Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
as part of a development venture by the WRU.

Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
Golf Club (now defunct) was founded in 1893. The club and course closed in 1959 and the land was used for a housing development.

The Black Cat Cycling Club, founded in 2014, is based in Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
with members made up of cyclists from the town and the surrounding area.


See Category:People from Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay

* Carl Dale , footballer for Chester City and Cardiff City , as well as several non-league clubs. * James Bond
James Bond
actor Timothy Dalton
Timothy Dalton
. * William Davies , a Welsh Roman Catholic priest and martyr, beatified in 1987. It is believed but not confirmed that he was born at Groes yn Eirias in 1555. * Richard Ellis , the California-based astronomer, was born and went to school in Old Colwyn * Monty Python
Monty Python
star Terry Jones
Terry Jones
(from Old Colwyn ). * Cricketer Tony Lewis who captained Glamorgan. * MP Alun Michael . * Soap star William Roache
William Roache
, (Ken Barlow in Coronation Street
Coronation Street
), who attended Rydal Penrhos, a private school in the town. * Rachel Taylor - Welsh women\'s rugby international player * Mickey Thomas who played for Manchester United , Chelsea , Shrewsbury Town
and Wrexham lives in Mochdre. * Mike Walker ex professional footballer and former manager of Everton FC
Everton FC
and Norwich City FC * Helen Willetts , a BBC
weather reporter. * Big Breakfast presenter Paula Yates
Paula Yates


Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
in the early 2000s.

* Mochdre , a village to the west that was originally part of the Borough.


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