The Info List - Columbia University Press

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COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS is a university press based in New York City , and affiliated with Columbia University . It is currently directed by Jennifer Crewe (2014–present) and publishes titles in the humanities and sciences , including the fields of literary and cultural studies, history , social work , sociology , religion , film , and international studies .

Founded in 1893, Columbia University Press is notable for publishing reference works, such as _ The Columbia Encyclopedia _ (1935–present), _The Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry_ (online as _The Columbia World of Poetry Online_) and _The Columbia Gazetteer of the World_ (also online) and for publishing music.

First among American university presses to publish in electronic formats, in 1998 the Press founded an online-only site, _Columbia International Affairs Online_ (CIAO) and _Columbia Earthscape_ (in 2009).

In 2011, Columbia University Press bought UK publisher Wallflower Press.


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