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Color Me Cinnamon is the fifth studio album by American singer Stacey Q, released on February 14, 2010 by Hydra Productions. It was her first release in thirteen years since her last album, Boomerang (1997). The work on the album started in 2008, after Shawn Winstian asked Jon St. James to remix a few singles for Hydra Productions’ compilation album, Liquid. An early version of the song "Trip" appeared on the compilation and Swain agreed to record a full-length album. Produced by Jon St. James, Color Me Cinnamon is a musical return to Stacey Q's synthpop and Hi-NRG roots but also features elements of techno-influenced eurodance and rock. Swain collaborated with St. James, Shawn Winstian and Shane Condo on writing the songs for the album. The album's title refers to Stacey Q's character Cinnamon that she portrayed on the television series The Facts of Life. "Cinnamon was a very popular character for Stacey and a lot of fans thought it was her name," Winstian said. "After recording the song "Cinnamon Girl" for this album, we decided to call it "Color Me Cinnamon" as an homage to the album her character had released on the show. For me, this is that lost album." Three singles from the album were released: "Trip", "Pandora's Box" and "Going Goth".


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Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length

1. "Prelude"

Stacey Swain Jon St. James Shawn Winstian


2. "Trip"

St. James Winstian Shane Condo


3. "Below the Surface"

Swain St. James Winstian


4. "Pandora's Box"

Swain St. James Winstian


5. "Masquerade"

St. James Winstian


6. "Candy Apple"

Swain St. James Winstian


7. "Euphoria"

St. James Winstian Condo


8. "Behind the Eight Ball"

Swain St. James Winstian


9. "The Lion's Den"

St. James Winstian


10. "Going Goth"

Swain St. James Winstian


11. "Voices in My Head"

St. James Winstian Condo


12. "Cinnamon Girl"

Swain St. James Winstian


13. "Where I Am"

Swain St. James Winstian


14. "Sad Cafe"

Swain St. James Winstian


Total length: 57:25

Credits and personnel[edit]

Stacey Q – vocals, associate producer Jon St. James – producer, recording, mixing, mastering Shawn Winstian – executive producer, art direction, design Lori St. James – associate producer Joe Grimshaw – art direction, design

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.[1] References[edit]

^ Color Me Cinnamon (liner notes). Stacey Q. Hydra Productions. 2010. 1003-1. 

External links[edit]

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