Cockroach Cooties is a children's novel by Laurence Yep.

Plot summary

Two brothers, Teddy and Bobby, try to defend themselves from a school bully named Arnie. The brothers discover that the bully is afraid of cockroaches. Bobby finds a cockroach and names it Hercules. Bobby uses cookies with strange ingredients to trick Arnie into a peace treaty. With the help of Hercules, the boys figure out what is happening to the bully.


It was a William Allen book nominee.[1] It won the Iowa Children's Choice Award,[2] the Texas Bluebonnet Award,[3] the Kentucky Book Award,[4] and the Laura Ingalls Book Award[citation needed]. A Publishers Weekly review says, "An altogether chipper outing".[5] Rebecca McCartney, of Burlington Public Library, reviewed the book saying, "I liked this book because it was full of creepy crawly things, and told with humor and warmth".[6]


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