The Cliffs of Magho are a limestone escarpment located in the townland of Magho, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The NNW-facing cliffs overlook the western reaches of Lower Lough Erne and define the northern edge of Lough Navar Forest, a major plantation managed by the Forest Service of Northern Ireland. A popular viewpoint atop the cliffs is accessed by a forest drive. The escarpment is formed from two distinct bands of Carboniferous limestone: the Glencar Limestone Formation and the overlying Dartry Limestone Formation. These overlie a series of mudrocks known as the Benbulben Shale Formation. Under the cliffs lie a mostly continuous apron of scree and landslipped material. The cliffs are a proposed Area of Special Scientific Interest. They are home to the Irish Rock-bristle (''Seligeria oelandica''), a black moss found on wet calcareous rocks and known only from this site in the whole of the United Kingdom, though found elsewhere in the Republic of Ireland. Since 2007 these cliffs have formed a part of the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark.


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