Clermiston is a suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland, to the west of the city and to the immediate north of Corstorphine, on the western slopes of Corstorphine Hill. Clermiston estate, built in 1954, was part of a major 1950s house-building programme to tackle overcrowding in Leith and Gorgie. The area is now home to more than 20,000 people, and abuts onto Drumbrae, Clerwood and Corstorphine.


The district, known 400 years ago as Glabertoun, became Clermiston in 1730, when a narrow track linked the village of Corstorphine to a small hamlet at Mutton Hole, now known as Davidsons Mains.

Used as a hunting ground by the wealthy, the Clermiston Estate was owned by the Buttercup Dairy Company until the 1950s, when Edinburgh Corporation bought it for local authority housing.[1]

Some residents had been on the corporation’s housing register for more than seven years before they were offered their Clermiston house.

Part of the land not used by the corporation that built the Clermiston Estate (the land adjacent to Corstorphine Hill and part of Corstorphine) was sold off to Wimpey Homes who built the Clerwood housing estate on the edge of Corstorphine in 1963; the rest was used for the construction of Queen Margaret College, later Queen Margaret University, which was built next to Clerwood, and Fox Covert Primary School, which serves Clerwood and part of Corstorphine, as well as Fox Covert R.C. Primary School, which serves the Roman Catholic community in the area. Queen Margaret University was finally demolished in July 2009 after the University moved to its new campus in Musselburgh in 2008 leaving the land free for housing developers Charles Church to build up a new housing estate next to Clerwood which is now partially complete.


Clermiston is served by Craigmount High School, and the Royal High School.

The Clermiston area is served by a local primary school [1], Clermiston Primary School on Parkgrove Place is a feeder school for The Royal High School. The nearest Roman Catholic schools are Fox Covert R.C. Primary School and St. Augustine's High School.


Vehicular access to Clermiston used to be possible at the Queensferry Road (A90) at Clermiston Drive junction, however this road was closed off and this lower part of Clermiston is now accessible from Queensferry Road at Parkgrove Street.

It is served by the Lothian bus numbers 1, 21, and 200

Notable Residents

  • The Fire Engines - An indy band of the 1980s.[2]
  • The Scars - An Edinburgh post-punk band.[2]
  • Walter Scott who held lands in the area, and to whom there is a monument nearby on Corstorphine Hill.[2]

Further reading

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  • Scott, Bill The Buttercup: The Remarkable Story of Andrew Ewing and the Buttercup Dairy Company (2011)


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