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The Classical Association is a British learned society in the field of classics, and a registered charity.[1] The association was founded on 19 December 1903, and its objects are defined in its constitution as:[2]

The advancement of education by the promotion, development and maintenance of classical studies To increase public awareness of the contribution and importance of classics to education and public life.


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Publications[edit] The Association publishes three journals: Classical Review, Classical Quarterly and Greece & Rome, and a newspaper Classical Association News (sometimes abbreviated to CA News). Its other activities include work with schools, conferences, and the award of grants. Its past presidents include novelist Lindsey Davis. The association celebrated its centenary in 2003 by publishing a book, The Classical Association: the First Century 1903-2003, edited by Dr Christopher Stray; this includes a history of the association and studies of various aspects of its activities over the century, including an account of the Classical Association of Scotland.[3] Following the merger of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers into the Classical Association in 2015, the Classical Association took over publication of JACT's journals, the Journal of Classics
Teaching (which went online only) and Omnibus.[4][5] List of Presidents[edit] This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Sir Richard Henn Collins
Richard Henn Collins
(1903– )[6] Lord Halsbury
Lord Halsbury
( –1906) Lord Curzon
Lord Curzon
(1906– ) H. H. Asquith
H. H. Asquith
(1908–) Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer
Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer
(1910–11) Sir Archibald Geikie
Archibald Geikie
(1911–12) Edward Hicks (1912– ) Frederic Kenyon
Frederic Kenyon
(1914– ) Sir William Richmond (1916–17) Henry Fisher (1917–18) Gilbert Murray
Gilbert Murray
(1918–19) Sir William Osler
William Osler
(1919– ) Walter Leaf
Walter Leaf
(1921– ) John William Mackail
John William Mackail
(1923–4) Robert Crewe-Milnes, Marquess of Crewe (1924–5) John Percival Postgate
John Percival Postgate
(1925–6) Stanley Baldwin
Stanley Baldwin
(1926– ) Robert Seymour Conway
Robert Seymour Conway
(1928–9) D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson
D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson
(1929–30) William Temple (1930– ) Sir George Macdonald (1932– ) William Inge (1934–5) Cyril Bailey (1935–6) Leo Amery
Leo Amery
(1936– ) Terrot R. Glover
Terrot R. Glover
(1938– ) Sir Stephen Gaselee (diplomat) (1940–1) Sir Richard Livingstone (1941–2) T. S. Eliot
T. S. Eliot
(1942–3) John Sheppard (1943– ) Maurice Bowra
Maurice Bowra
(1945– ) Sir Frank Adcock
Frank Adcock
(1948–9) Lord Soulbury (1949– ) Harold Nicolson
Harold Nicolson
(1951–2) William Calder (1952–3) Lord Samuel (1953–4) Gilbert Murray
Gilbert Murray
(1954–5) Dr G. M. Young (1955–6) Sir Harold Iaris Bell (1956–7) John Spedan Lewis (1957–8) Dorothy Tarrant
Dorothy Tarrant
(1958–9) Sir Cyril Hinshelwood
Cyril Hinshelwood
(1959– ) Lord Hailsham (1961–2) William Beare (1962–3) Professor E. R. Dodds
E. R. Dodds
(1963–4) Sir Basil Blackwell (1964–5) Professor Sir Roger Mynors (1965–6) Dilys Powell
Dilys Powell
(1966–7) Professor W. K. C. Guthrie (1967–8) Montague Woodhouse (1968–9) Professor F. W. Walbank
F. W. Walbank
(1969–70) Sir John Hackett (1970–1) Patrick Wilkinson (1971–2) Lord Boyle of Handsworth
Lord Boyle of Handsworth
(1972–3) Professor Moses Finley (1973–4) Dom David Knowles (1974–5) Professor Kenneth Dover
Kenneth Dover
(1975–6) Professor David Daube (1976–7) Dr Michael Grant (author) (1977–8) Professor Brinley Rees (1978–9) Lord Wolfenden (1979–80) Professor R. D. Williams (1980–1) Sir David Hunt (1981–2) Professor E. J. Kenney (1982–3) Professor Raymond Williams (1983–4) Professor Eric Handley (1984–5) Sir Nicholas Goodison (1985–6) Professor Norma Miller (1986–7) Tony Harrison (1987–8) Professor Patricia Easterling (1988–9) Sir Jeremy Morse (1989–90) Professor George Kerferd (1990–1) Lord Robert Runcie (1991–2) Professor Fergus Millar (1992–3) Colin Haycraft (1993–4) Professor David West (1994–5) Anthony Cleaver (1995–6) Carol Handley (1996–7) Lindsey Davis, historical novelist (1997–8)[7] Professor Oliver Taplin (1998–9) Emma Kirkby
Emma Kirkby
(1999–2000) Professor Peter Wiseman (2000–1) Philip Howard (2001–2) Dr Peter Jones (classicist) (2002–3) Susan Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield
Susan Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield
(2003–4) Professor Malcolm Schofield (2006–7) Robert Harris (2007–8) Professor Richard Seaford (2008–9) Dr Richard Stoneman (2009–10) Professor Christopher Rowe (2010–11)[8] Sir Peter Stothard (2011–12)[9] Professor Robin Osborne (2012–13) Martha Kearney
Martha Kearney
(2013–14)[10] Professor P. J. Rhodes (2014–15).[8] Professor Robert Crawford (2015–16) Professor Robert Fowler (2016–17)


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Further reading[edit]

Stray, Christopher (2003). The Classical Association: The First Century 1903-2003. Classical Association. ISBN 0-19-852874-4.  Philip Hooker, The Presidents, Greece & Rome Vol. 50, The Classical Association: The First Century 1903-2003 pp.183-190

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