Claire Falconer (born Enniskillen, Northern Ireland) is an Irish actress and painter who currently works in Ireland, Italy and United States.

Following a degree in Law with Hispanic Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast,[citation needed] Falconer continued to exhibit her work around Europe and United States. During these years many magazines and newspapers published articles on Claire Falconer paintings featuring her in a small group of International artists.[citation needed]

Art work

Falconer's work was recognised by the art world when she won a National RTÉ art competition in October 2001. Twenty-six of her paintings were displayed at the Abode Gallery in Dublin.

In 2003, Falconer was commissioned to paint a portrait of Richard Bennett, Headmaster of Portora Royal School, Enniskillen.[citation needed]

In 2004 a Japanese girl whom Falconer dressed in sumptuous embroidered brocade was depicted in a stylized painting.

She has also been living in Rome, Italy and Los Angeles, California, in recent years.[citation needed]


Falconer co-founded Satyricon Pictures in 2009 together with filmmaker Christian Filippella. She starred in and was executive director for Satyricon's 2011 crime comedy film Silver Case.[1]



  • Indie Fest Award - Award of Merit/Excellence - Supporting Actress in Silver Case (2012) [2]


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