Civil Guard refers to various policing organisations:


* Civil Guard (Spain), Spanish gendarmerie * Civil Guard (Israel), Israeli volunteer police reserve * Municipal_Guards, Civil Guard (Brazil), Municipal law enforcement corporations in Brazil Historic Civil Guards now abolished: * ''Garde Civique'' of Belgium, a historic militia maintained until 1914 * Civil Guard (Costa Rica), fully merged into the Fuerza Pública * Civil Guard (Peru), police force of Peru in 1924 * Civil Guard (Colombia), created in 1902 * Civil Guard (El Salvador), created in 1867, which then gave way to the National Guard (El Salvador), National Guard in 1912 * Civil Guard (Honduras), a militarized police commanded directly by President Ramón Villeda Morales * Civil Guard Association for a Better Future, Hungarian anti-Roma organization * Civil Guard (Panama) (abolished) * Civil Guard (Philippines), a local gendarmerie organized under the auspices of the Spanish colonial authorities * Civil Guard (South Vietnam), merged into the South Vietnamese Popular Force and the South Vietnamese Regional Force * Gwardya Sibil (Philippine resistance network), a civilian underground network operating during World War II * White Guard (Finland), Suojeluskunta, a Finnish militia for which "Civil Guard" is one of the many English translations * Civil Guard (Zaire), created in 1984 and disestablished in 1997 * National Civil Guard and the People's Civil Guard, security forces of the Communist Party of Greece between 1944-45 and 1947-49 respectively

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