Civic Party

LeaderAlvin Yeung
ChairmanAlan Leong
Founded19 March 2006; 14 years ago (2006-03-19)
Preceded byArticle 45 Concern
HeadquartersUnit 202, 2/F, Block B,
Sea View Estate,
4–6 Watson Road,
North Point, Hong Kong
Youth wingYoung Civics
Membership (2017)Increase ~500
Liberalism (Hong Kong)
Social liberalism[1]
Political positionCentre-left[2]
Regional affiliationPro-democracy camp
Colours    Violet, white
and green
Slogan"The Civic Way, The Fairer Way"
Legislative Council
0 / 70
District Councils
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Civic Party is a pro-democracy liberal political party in Hong Kong. It was established in 29 March 2006 by a group of barristers. Led by Alvin Yeung and chaired by Alan Leong, the party is the fourth largest party in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, commanding four seats.[3] It also has 33 seats in the District Councils.

Founded in 2006, the Civic Party was derived from the Basic Law Article 45 Concern Group formed by a group of barristers in pursuit of the universal suffrage of the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council after the large-scale pro-democracy demonstration against the legislation of the Basic Law Article 23 in 2003, in which the barristers took the leading role against the national security bill. The group won four seats in the 2004 Legislative Council election and transformed into a political party afterwards.

The Civic Party had contested in the 2007 Chief Executive election by nominating legislator Alan Leong to challenge incumbent Donald Tsang which was elected by the 800-member Election Committee. In 2010, the party launched the "Five Constituencies Referendum" with another pro-democracy party League of Social Democrats (LSD) to pressure the government to implement universal suffrage. The party surpassed the flagship pro-democracy party Democratic Party in the 2012 Legislative Council election by popular votes, winning six seats. The party retained its six seats in the 2016 election.

Party beliefs

The party is considered part of the pan-democracy camp in the Legislative Council. The party's objectives are:[4]

  • to promote a democratic political system in Hong Kong built upon universal suffrage, the rule of law, constitutionalism, civil liberties and equality of opportunities for all Hong Kong people;
  • to provide support and services for members of the Party who hold elected public office and members of the Party who stand in elections as candidates to such public office as is open to election in Hong Kong;
  • to foster a sustainable community through partnership with civil society groups;
  • to promote civic education;
  • to foster social cohesion and undertake community projects for the well being of Hong Kong residents.

During the 2008 Legislative Council election campaign, candidates from the party also called for the introduction of a statutory minimum wage and a competition law.



The Civic Party was founded on 19 March 2006 as a coalition of six incumbent members of the Legislative Council. Four of them, Audrey Eu, Alan Leong, Ronny Tong and Margaret Ng were barristers, who had already cooperated as an informal bloc called the Article 45 Concern Group, reflecting their efforts to realise universal suffrage with Article 45 and 68 of the Hong Kong Basic Law. They were joined by two other incumbents, the then functional constituency Legislative Councillors Mandy Tam (Accountancy) and Fernando Cheung (Social Welfare), as well as a number of pan-democratic academics.[5] Political scientist Profes

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