City of regional significance (Ukrainian: Місто обласного значення, Misto oblasnoho znachennya) was a city municipality that was designated as a separate district within its region (i.e. oblast, Crimea). In Crimea, these cities were referred to as cities of republican significance, while in regular oblasts those municipalities were referred to as cities of oblast significance. The designation of regional significance was created with the introduction of oblasts in 1932 and abolished in 2020.

Such city municipality was complex and usually combines the city proper as well as the adjacent populated places. The city of regional (oblast) significance was governed by a city council known as mis'krada which was chaired by a mayor. There were instances where a municipality may include only the city alone (city proper), while in others instances a municipality might consists of its own subdivisions such as districts in city, similarly to the cities with special status or even other cities which carry designation of cities of district significance.