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ichangensis, the Ichang papeda (Chinese: 宜昌橙), is a slow-growing species of papeda that has characteristic lemon-scented foliage and flowers. It is native to southwestern and west-central China[1] and is likely named for the city of Yichang
(宜昌), in China's Hubei
province. It is sometimes referred to as Citrus
× ichangensis. The Ichang papeda's main claim to fame is its unusual hardiness. With the exception of Poncirus trifoliata, it is the hardiest citrus plant, tolerating both moderate frost and damp conditions.[2] For this reason, it is perhaps the only species of true citrus which can be reliably grown outside in the temperate areas of Europe and the United States. Description[edit] Relatively rare in cultivation, the Ichang papeda is a large shrub or small tree, growing to 3-4.5 m,[3] and produces a small, mandarin-like fruit. Leaves feature a broad petiole, and resemble the leaves of the yuzu and the Kaffir lime
Kaffir lime
in appearance. The fruit has a fragrant, but rugged rind, and may be oval, spherical, or flattened in shape, ripening to yellow or orange. The fruit contains many large monoembryonic seeds and a small quantity of bitter or sour juice; some fruits lack juice entirely and are instead filled with a mass of pith and seeds. The Ichang papeda is occasionally grown as an ornamental. Hybrids[edit]

Ichang lemon (also known as the shangjuan)[2] Yuzu[2] Kabosu Hyuganatsu

Both the shangjuan and the yuzu have a number of culinary uses and are notably cold-hardy. References[edit]

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True species

Australian and Papuan wild limes Byeonggyul Citron Clymenia Indian wild orange Ichang papeda Kumquat Mandarin Mangshanyegan Micrantha Pomelo

Major hybrids

Grapefruit Lemon Lime Orange

True and hybrid cultivars

Alemow Amanatsu Bergamot orange Bizzaria Bitter orange Blood lime Blood orange Buddha's hand Cam sành Cara cara navel Cherry orange Citrange Citrumelo Clementine Daidai Dekopon Fairchild tangerine Florentine citron Hassaku orange Hebesu Hyuganatsu Imperial lemon Iyokan Jabara Jaffa orange Kabbad Kabosu Kaffir lime Kakadu lime Kalpi Key lime Khasi papeda Kinnow Kishumikan Kiyomi Komikan Laraha Lumia Mandelo Mandora Melanesian papeda Melogold Meyer lemon Murcott Myrtle-leaved orange tree Ōgonkan Orangelo/Chironja Oroblanco Palestinian sweet lime Persian lime Pixie mandarin Ponderosa lemon Ponkan Rangpur Reikou Rhobs el Arsa Rough lemon Sanboken Satsuma mandarin Setoka Shangjuan Shonan Gold Sudachi Sweet lemon Sweet limetta Tangelo Tangerine Tangor Ugli fruit Valencia orange Variegated pink lemon Winged lime Xã Đoài orange Yuukou mandarin Yuzu


Balady citron Corsican citron Diamante citron Fingered citron Greek citron Moroccan citron Yemenite citron

Mandarin oranges

Cleopatra mandarin Shīkwāsā Nanfengmiju


halimii or Mountain "citron" Ichang papeda


Banpeiyu Dangyuja

Australian and Papuan citrus (Microcitrus, Eromocitrus, Clymenia and Oxanthera subgenera)

Australian outback lime Australian round lime Brown River finger lime Desert lime Mount white lime (Microcitrus) New Guinea wild lime Russell River lime Clymenia Oxanthera

hybrids (×Citrofortunella)

Calamondin Citrangequat Limequat Orangequat Procimequat Sunquat Yuzuquat

Related genus

Poncirus/Trifoliate orange


Chūhai Curaçao Grapefruit
juice Lemonade Limeade Orange juice Yuja-hwachae Yuja tea


Calcium citrate Citric acid Lemonene Limonene Neroli Orange flower water Orange oil Orangeat Succade Zest


Black spot CTV/Tristeza Exocortis Greening Mal secco Phytophthora


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Wd: Q149004 EoL: 5619760 EPPO: CIDIC GBIF: 3831893 GRIN: 10717 IPNI: 771928-1 NCBI: 2709 Tropic