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Cinderella Jones
Cinderella Jones
is a 1946 American musical comedy film directed by Busby Berkeley
Busby Berkeley
and written by Charles Hoffman. The film stars Joan Leslie, Robert Alda, Julie Bishop, William Prince, S. Z. Sakall
S. Z. Sakall
and Edward Everett Horton. The film was released by Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
on March 9, 1946.[1]


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Plot[edit] Struggling singer Judy Jones (Leslie) discovers she's entitled to a multimillion-dollar fortune, as long as she can live up to the terms of her late uncle's will. To collect her inheritance, Jones must marry an intellectual genius. Jones ditches her boyfriend, bandleader Tommy Coles (Alda), and matriculates at an elite university for the super-intelligent. On campus, Jones struggles to win the heart of a dashing professor, Bartholomew Williams (Prince). Cast[edit]

Joan Leslie
Joan Leslie
as Judy Jones Robert Alda
Robert Alda
as Tommy Coles Julie Bishop as Camille William Prince as Bart Williams S. Z. Sakall
S. Z. Sakall
as Gabriel Popik Edward Everett Horton
Edward Everett Horton
as Keating Charles Dingle as Minland Ruth Donnelly as Cora Elliot Elisha Cook, Jr.
Elisha Cook, Jr.
as Oliver S. Patch Hobart Cavanaugh
Hobart Cavanaugh
as George Charles Arnt as Mahoney Chester Clute as Krencher Edward Gargan
Edward Gargan
as Riley Margaret Early
Margaret Early
as Bashful Girl Johnny Mitchell as Soldier Mary Dean as Singer Monte Blue
Monte Blue
as Jailer Marianne O'Brien as Marie Marion Martin as Burlesque Queen

Reception[edit] Bosley Crowther of The New York Times
The New York Times
said, "If you can imagine a combination of a Nineteen Thirties "college musical" and a second-rate silent slapstick shot completely "off the cuff," then you can picture in your mind's eye the Warners' Cinderella Jones, a little package of fluff and painful cut-ups which came to the Strand yesterday. And we trust that you can so imagine, for it would be very difficult indeed to convey a more accurate impression of this nonsensical and amateurish film."[2] References[edit]

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Cinderella Jones
(1946) - Overview". TCM.com. Retrieved 2015-06-23.  ^ Crowther, Bosley (1946-03-16). "Movie Review - Cinderella Jones
Cinderella Jones
- THE SCREEN; A Package of Fluff". NYTimes.com. Retrieved 2015-06-23. 

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Cinderella Jones
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