Choluteca is one of the 18 departments (departamentos) into which Honduras is divided. It is the southernmost department of Honduras, bordering the Gulf of Fonseca to the west and the Republic of Nicaragua to the east and south.

The departmental capital is city of Choluteca. There is also a river named Choluteca that runs through the department.

The department covers a total surface area of 4,211 km² and, in 2005, had an estimated population of 420,350 people.

Choluteca department was formed in 1825 as one of the original departments of post-colonial Honduras. It took its current form in 1893 when Valle department was formed out of the westernmost portion of the department.



Rural Choluteca Department.
  1. Apacilagua
  2. Choluteca
  3. Concepción de María
  4. Duyure
  5. El Corpus
  6. El Triunfo
  7. Marcovia
  8. Morolica
  9. Namasigue
  10. Orocuina
  11. Pespire
  12. San Antonio de Flores
  13. San Isidro
  14. San José
  15. San Marcos de Colón
  16. Santa Ana de Yusguare


The Choluteca Department has a number of 9 deputies elected for the National Congress.

2006-2010 congressional period

Deputie Position in the National Congress Party
Victor Manuel Argeñal Espinal* None National
Carlos Alfredo Lara Watson Secretary** Liberal
Roger Arquímedes Quíroz None National
Felipe Nery Méndez Soriano None Liberal
Gladys Bernarda Casco Cruz None National
Blanca Edith Rivera 2nd Altern Secretary Liberal
Mauricio Oliva None National
Adrianna de Jesús Guevara Moncada None Liberal
Luis Alfonso Marcia Hernández None DC

{*Deceased before the period ended. His substitute continue his charge until the end of the period.}

{** Since June 28, 2009 until the end of the congressional period}

2010-2014 congressional period

Deputie Position in the National Congress Party
Juan Francisco Argeñal Espinal None National
Gladys Bernarda Casco Cruz None National
Yuri Christian Sabas Gutiérrez None Liberal
Mauricio Oliva 7th Vice President* National
Carlos Alfredo Lara Watson None Liberal
Fredy Espinoza Mondragon None National
Maria Bertilia Zepeda Lagos None Liberal
Yessenia Coely Zelaya Galeas None National
Jose Leon Castillo None Liberal

{*Mauricio Oliva was Vice-President of the National Congress during the second half of the 2010-2014 congressional term.}


The department is, historically, a prominent producer of gold, silver, and copper. The region also had a cattle industry.[1]


Coordinates: 13°19′N 87°13′W / 13.317°N 87.217°W / 13.317; -87.217