A chocolaterie is a type of business which both manufactures chocolate confections and sells them, at the same location. It is usually a small family business, often operating at only one location. The word is of French origin, and shops named as such are common in France and Belgium. The term is also used to designate larger chocolate production companies, such as Chocolaterie Guylian, many of which started as smaller shops. This type of store operates in other countries, such as the US, Canada, the UK and Germany,[1] sometimes using the French term.[2][3] Stores which sell candies and chocolate but do not produce their own brand are called Confectionery stores, or other names depending on the region. The related occupational term is chocolatier, though this term is also used sometimes to describe chocolateries, such as Godiva Chocolatier. Usage[edit] As an example of the term's usage, The novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was entitled Charlie et la Chocolaterie in France. The novel and 2000 film Chocolat are set in a chocolaterie. See also[edit]

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