Chivito is the national dish of Uruguay, It is a thin slice of tender cooked beef steak (''churrasco''), with mozzarella, tomatoes, mayonnaise, black or green olives, and commonly also bacon, fried or hard-boiled eggs and ham, served as a sandwich in a bun, often accompanied by French fried potatoes. Other ingredients, such as red beets, peas, grilled or pan-fried red peppers, and slices of cucumber, may be added. In Argentina a sandwich of this sort is called ''lomito'', with ''chivito'' retaining its literal meaning of "kid meat".


''Chivito'' is the diminutive of ''chivo'', goat, and means kid (young goat). In neighbouring Argentina, chivito, barbecued kid, is a popular ''asado'' dish; it is reported that the Uruguayan ''chivito'' arose in Punta del Este, Uruguay, at a restaurant called "El Mejillón Bar" in 1946, when a woman from Argentina ordered a sandwich of ''chivito'' for a hurried meal, expecting kid. The restaurant owner, Antonio Carbonaro, did not have this meat, and used beef fillet steak instead.


The Canadian Chivito (in Spanish ''chivito canadiense'') is a variation of the sandwich, with the addition of ''panceta'' ("Canadian bacon"). The chivito can be served as a platter rather than a sandwich (''chivito al plato''). It is usually served with Russian salad or French fries.

Maldonado, Uruguay

Maldonado, Uruguay holds a chivito party on a date close to Maldonado Day, October 19. Activities typically include food tasting, children's activities (pony rides, milking cows), and live music. and dance presentations. The second party was held in Plaza San Fernando on October 19–21, 2012, and third on October 17–21, 2013.

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