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Chingissid refers to someone who is a direct blood descendant of Genghis Khan, known as Chinggis Khaan in Mongolian. Elite families of following empires, belonged to his royal line: Mongol Empire
Mongol Empire
and its major subdivisions:

Yuan dynasty Chagatai Khanate Golden Horde Ilkhanate

After 1368 Yuan remnants, known as Northern Yuan dynasty
Yuan dynasty
continued to rule Mongolia. And also: All the golden family Mongol khans from 14 to 17th century. Later Crimean Khanate, Astrakhan Khanate, Siberian khanate, Kazan khanate, Uzbek khan Mohammed Sheyban and Manghit dynasty may be referred to Chingissid. See also[edit]

Mongol Empire Timurid dynasty Turko-Mongol History of Central Asia Yuan dynasty
Yuan dynasty
family tree

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