The Shaoshan 3B (Chinese: 韶山3B/大3B[2]) is a type of electric locomotive used on the People's Republic of China's national railway system. This locomotive was built by the Ziyang Electric Locomotive Works. The power supply was industrial-frequency single-phase AC, and the axle arrangement Co-Co+Co-Co.

SS3B Electric Locomotive is a twelve shaft fixing reconnection heavy freight electric locomotive which based on two six-axle locomotives connected.

Named locomotive

  • SS3B-5001: "Pioneer in power of God" (Chinese: 先锋力神)


Main users

SS3Bs have been used by several users:


SS3Bs have been manufactured by several companies:

  • Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works (0001~0119)
  • Datong Electric Locomotive Works (6001~6129)
  • Ziyang Locomotive Works (5001~5104)
  • Dalian locomotive works (7001)

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