The HXD2C is a 6 axle Co′Co′ freight locomotive which shares a similar exterior design with the HXD2B. The individually inverter controlled traction motors, body structure overall structural design also are the same as other members of the series;[1] with transformers from ABB.[2] The locomotive power is reduced to 7.2 MW (9,700 hp), suitable for trains of 5,000–6,000 tonnes (4,900–5,900 long tons; 5,500–6,600 short tons). The locomotive can be ballasted to give axle loads from 23 to 25 tonnes (22.6 to 24.6 long tons; 25.4 to 27.6 short tons).[1] The HXD2C locomotives are constructed by CNR Datong.[3]

220 units were ordered in 2010 at a cost of over 3 billion Yuan. In May 2010 the first locomotive was produced.[4][5] Locomotives are expected to be used on the Shijiazhuang–Taiyuan railway line, used for coal trains from Shanxi, with the first train running in December 2010.[3]


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