HXD2B locomotives are railway locomotives designed for heavy freight mainline work. The design is a single body twin cab locomotive with 6 axles in Co′Co′ wheel arrangement. The body frame, traction motor power electronics and driver facilities are of a similar design as the HXD2. The bogie design differs from the HXD2 using a straight welded steel frame[1] rather than the 'mouth' shaped form used in the HXD2.[2]

An order worth €1.2billion (25% Alstom, 75% Datong) for 500 units was made in 2006. The first 100 units were to be built primarily by Alstom,[3] this number was reduced in 2007 to 10 units.[4] The first Chinese-built unit was produced in December 2009.[5] The order is expected to be complete by 2012.[1]

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