The China Railways DJ1 is a high power mainline electric freight locomotive built as a double locomotive unit of two nominally independent single cab units.

History and design

The locomotives are based on a technology transfer agreement between Siemens and Zhuzou Electric locomotive works (ZELW). The first three locomotives were built by Siemens in Austria, and the remaining 17 were built in China.[3]

The electrical components in the locomotive are based upon Siemens' EuroSprinter design (second generation using water-cooled GTO inverters).[3] The traction motors are asynchronous AC type, and are nose suspended on the axle, regenerative electric braking is possible with a braking force of approximately 460 kN (100,000 lbf), and an electric braking power of 6.4 MW (8,600 hp), overall efficiency of the machine is more than 85%.[1]

3 of the units were manufactured by Siemens in Austria, the remaining 17 in China; the first locomotive was produced in 2001.[4] The first china manufactured unit was produced in 2002.[5] Production of the locomotive ended in 2004.[1]

The locomotives were used to haul coal trains on the Daqin line.[3]

As more powerful locomotive models HXD1 and HXD2 entered Daqin line since 2006, the 20 DJ1s were allocated to Xi'an Railway Bureau to haul freight trains running between Baoji and Qinling.[citation needed]

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