China DF4 0001 - 0108 (DF4)
China DF4 0001 - 0040 (DF4C)
China DF4 0109 - 0770 (DF4A; F)
China DF4 1001 - 1999 (DF4B; F)
China DF4 2001 - 2031 (DF4A; P)
China DF4 2001 - 2006 (DF4C)
China DF4 2101 - 2685 (DF4B; P)
China DF4 3001 - 3042 (DF4A; F)
China DF4 3101 - 3999 (DF4B; F)
China DF4 4001 - 4465 (DF4C; F)
China DF4 4466 (DF4C; P)
China DF4 5001 - 5273 (DF4C; F)
China DF4 5274 - 5275 (DF4C; P)
China DF4 6001 - 6587 (DF4B; F)
China DF4 7001 - 7800 (DF4B; F)
China DF4 9001 - 9702 (DF4B; F)
China DF4D 0001 - 0240 (P)
China DF4D 0241 - 0242 (F)
China DF4D 0243 - 0347 (P)
China DF4D 0348 (F)
China DF4D 0353 - 0529 (P)
China DF4D 1893 (F "Mao Zedong")
China DF4D 3001 - 3340 (HS)
China DF4D 4001 - 4354 (F)
China DF4D 7001 - 7012 (F "Radial")
China DF4DD 0030, 0029
China DF4DD 1001 - 1029
China DF4DD 4180 - 4187
China DF4DF 0349 - 0352
China DF4DF 0530 - 0531
China DF4DF 4034 - 4169
China DF4DJ 0001 - 0002
China DF4E 0001 - 0016
North Korea 내연201 - 225

North Korea 내연261 - 271

The DF4 (Chinese: 东风4) is a type of diesel-electric locomotive used in the People's Republic of China. It has been in production since 1969 and is still produced as of 2007 by several local companies. It is the most common locomotive in China and is used for both passenger and freight services.



The first DF4 was built in 1969 in Dalian. The first 108 locomotives that were built here are the original DF4s using the 16V240ZJ engine. It took seven years to build all 108 locomotives of this type. Due to unstable technique in the production of early-built DF4 locomotives, malfunctions of mechanic and electric parts occurred frequently during the operation, especially the diesel engine. Thus, most DF4 locomotives were taken out of service for maintenance, and railroad engineers from Fengtai Locomotive Depot sarcastically joked that the DF4 "can't make it from Dongdan to Xisi". Therefore, Dalian Locomotive Works introduced 16V240ZJA, an improved diesel engine. They are nicknamed "Watermelon".

Few of the first series DF4 are still in operation, however the first ever is a permanent exhibition at the Beijing Railway Museum.[1]


The DF4A distinguishes itself from first series DF4s with an improved engine, the 16V240ZJA. Production started in 1976 (the first model being DF4-0109) and lasted until 1984. The DF4A designation is unofficial.


Nicknamed Watermelon, Military Police, or Orange. General speaking, Watermelons and Militarys are used for freight, while Oranges are almost used for passenger services. DF4B are very similar to standard DF4, apart from an improved engine (16V240ZJB). Production started in Dalian in 1984.


The DF4C was supposed to replace the DF4B as the main diesel locomotive in China and comes with several improvements, including a new engine revision (16240ZJC). The first DF4C was produced in 1985 and batch production started four years later, in 1989, and lasted until roughly the end of the 20th century.

The DF4C comes in a different color scheme than the previous DF4s, namely dark blue and later light blue and beige. The passenger version, informally called DF4CK, has an A1A-A1A wheel arrangement.

Gearing variations

The DF4, DF4B and DF4C were each produced with two different gear ratios, "passenger" (up to 120 km/h or 75 mph or 170 km/h or 110 mph for DF4C) and "freight" (up to 100 km/h or 62 mph). The passenger variant was often painted orange.[1]


The DF4D, the most recent DF4 revision, has been produced since 1996 with the 16V240ZJD engine. The passenger versions increased top speed to 145 km/h (90 mph) or 170 km/h (110 mph).[2] The freight version comes in a different color scheme than the previous DF4Ds, namely green(7000 Series) and later light blue(4000 Series) and yellow. The green version sat on radial bogies but later converted to standard bogies. Their top speed to 100 km/h (62 mph).


The DF4DJ, originally DF4DAC, of which only 2 were built had AC drive technology supplied by Siemens. They were China's first AC drive diesel locomotive.[3][4][5][6][7]


A road switcher version of the DF4 with side walkways and a full-body cab similar to modern American locomotives. It is the most powerful road switcher class in China until HXN3B and HXN5B.


The DF4E is a 2 unit locomotive of total power 4.86MW (2x2.43MW)[8]


DF4s have been manufactured by several companies:

North Korea

In 2001, the Korean State Railway bought two locomotives of type CKD4A (DF4D) new from CNR Dalian; these were delivered in July 2002.[10] These are powered by the same 16V240ZJD as the Chinese DF4D, producing 2,940 kW (3,940 hp) and have a maximum speed of 100 km/h (62 mph).[11] They are painted in the standard light blue over dark green, but their numbers are not known.

Between 2006 and 2008, three batches of refurbished second-hand DF4 ("DF4A") and DF4B were delivered to North Korea.[10] These are numbered in the 내연200 series (내연 = Naeyŏn, "internal combustion") and are in service for passenger and freight trains all over North Korea;[12] many are assigned to the Hamhŭng area.[10] The total number delivered is not known, but the number is at least 36 units, numbered 내연201 to 내연225[13] and 내연261 to 내연271. Many are still in their former Chinese paint, but some have been repainted into the standard light blue over dark green, and two have received the dark green/yellow scheme applied to many M62-type diesels obtained second hand from Germany and Slovakia. There is at least one DF4D, in standard blue over green livery.

Number Model Livery Original number
내연201 DF4B standard
내연203 DF4B standard CR DF4 1552[13]
내연204 DF4B CR green
내연206 DF4B CR green
내연208 DF4B standard
내연209 DF4A CR green
내연211 DF4B CR green
내연212 DF4B standard
내연215 DF4B CR green
내연217 DF4B CR green
내연222 DF4B standard
내연223 DF4B standard
내연225 DF4B standard CR DF4 1349[13]
내연226 DF4B CR green
내연261 DF4B standard
내연262 DF4B green/yellow
내연264 DF4B standard
내연266 DF4B green/yellow
내연271 DF4B CR green





  • DF4-0001: is preserved at the China Railway Museum
  • DF4-0002: is preserved at Fengtai Locomotive Depot, Beijing Railway Bureau
  • DF4-0084: is preserved at Baoji Railway Technicion College
  • DF4-0187: is preserved at Shandong Polytechnic
  • DF4-0212: is preserved at Hebei Vocational College Of Rail Transportation
  • DF4-2002: is preserved at Zhejiang Normal University
  • DF4-2012: is preserved at Jinan Railway Advanced Technical School



  • DF4B-1029: is preserved at the Shengyang Railway Museum
  • DF4B-1442: is preserved at Taiyuan Locomotive Depot, Taiyuan Railway Bureau
  • DF4B-1718: is preserved at Anhui Communications Vocational & Technical College
  • DF4B-1781: is preserved at Heilongjiang Communications Polytechnic
  • DF4B-1787: is preserved at Liuzhou Industrial Museum
  • DF4B-1884: is preserved at Heilongjiang Communications Polytechnic
  • DF4B-1893: is preserved at Fengtai Locomotive Depot, Beijing Railway Bureau
  • DF4B-1983: is preserved at Central South University
  • DF4B-2127: is preserved at Qiqihaer Technician College
  • DF4B-2244: is preserved at Nanjing Railway Vacational Technical College
  • DF4B-2298: is preserved at Qiqihaer Railway Engineering School
  • DF4B-2480: is preserved at Liuzhou Railway Vacational Technical College.
  • DF4B-3179: is preserved at Huhhot Vocational College
  • DF4B-6210: is preserved at North University of China
  • DF4B-7019: is preserved at Southwest Jiaotong University
  • DF4B-7149: is preserved at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University
  • DF4B-7260: is preserved at Tianjin Railway Vacational Technical College
  • DF4B-9008: is preserved at the China Railway Museum





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