China Jiliang University (中国计量大学) is a university in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province that was founded in 1978. CJLU, formerly the China Institute of Metrology, is the only university qualified to offer bachelor's and master's degrees in Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in China. CJLU is the only university in the world dedicated to metrology, standardization, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. Its predecessor is Hangzhou Metrology School established in 1978 with the approval of the State Metrology Bureau of China. It was upgraded as China Institute of Metrology with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China in 1985. It was renamed as China Jiliang University in 2016. The People's Government of Zhejiang Province and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China signed an agreement on joint construction of China Jiliang University in 2017. Prof. Song Mingshun is the president of the university. CJLU sticks to the motto of "Developing National Economy by Metrology; Improving People's Livelihood through Measurement" and the educational philosophy of "Metrology as University's Cornerstone, Standards as its Code of Conduct, and Quality as its Career Goal". CJLU aims to cultivate outstanding talents in response to the needs of national quality and inspection industry. According to the statistics of the Scientific Evaluation of China Research Center, CJLU ranked No.176 in China University General Competitiveness Ranking and No. 90 in China University Science and Technology Innovation Competitiveness Rankings in 2017. CJLU is located in the city of Hangzhou, covering an area of 102.27 hectares. CJLU has 52 undergraduate programs, covering 9 discipline categories of engineering, science, management, law, literature, economics, medicine, agronomy and art, 7 master degree programs of Level-1 disciplines, 25 master degree programs of Level-2 disciplines, and 4 master of engineering programs. CJLU has 19 colleges (departments) and one independent college. With 15,116 undergraduates and 1,496 postgraduates studying full time on campus, and 5800 undergraduates in the independent college, CJLU has a faculty of 1,276, among whom 683 teachers are with senior professional titles and 92.7% with master's or doctor's degrees. CJLU has 2 shared academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 teachers selected in the State Thousand Talents Program, 1 winner of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youths, 3 teachers selected in the State New Century Talents Project, 3 teachers selected in the Cross (New) Century Outstanding Talents Program, 3 Super Experts of Zhejiang Province, 5 teachers selected in the Thousand Talents Program of Zhejiang Province, 5 Distinguished Professors of Zhejiang Province and 6 Master Teachers of Zhejiang Province. The University won the second prize for National Technology Invention Award, the second prize for National Teaching Achievements Award, the first prize for Outstanding Achievements Award in Scientific Research of the Ministry of Education, the second prize for Outstanding Achievements Award in Humanities and Social Sciences, and the first and sole ISO Award for Higher Education in Standardization. CJLU owns 2 Zhejiang Province 2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers and 10 Disciplines of First Class in Zhejiang Province. Its discipline of engineering, chemistry, and material sciences have entered top 1% in ESI global rankings. CJLU has 21 scientific research platforms of provincial, ministerial and above levels, including the National Base for International Science and Technology Cooperation, the National Center for Quality Inspection, the Engineering Center under the Ministry of Education, and the National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory. It is also home to a National University Science Park, a State-level High-tech Business Incubator, a State-level Sci-Tech Base for College Students' Entrepreneurship and Training. CJLU enrolls students nationwide, including first-tier students from 17 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to ensure high quality of enrollment. In the latest 5 years, the average employment rate of its graduates reached 97.36%, ranking high among all universities in Zhejiang Province. CJLU has established partnership with 46 universities and research institutes in such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia and New Zealand. {{authority control Category:Universities and colleges in Hangzhou Category:Educational institutions established in 1978 Category:1978 establishments in China