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A chief minister is the elected head of government of a sub-national entity, for instance a administrative subdivision or federal constituent entity. Examples include a state (and sometimes a union territory) in India; a territory of Australia;[1] a province of Sri Lanka or Pakistan; a federal state in Nepal; a autonomous region of Philippines;[2] or a British Overseas Territory
British Overseas Territory
that has attained self-governance. It is also used as the English version of the title given to the heads of governments of the Malay states[3] without a monarchy. The title is also used in the Crown dependencies
Crown dependencies
of the Isle of Man (since 1986), in Guernsey
(since 2004), and in Jersey
(since 2005). Chief ministers around the world[edit]

Chief Minister of Anguilla Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister of the Northern Territory
Chief Minister of the Northern Territory
of Australia Chief Minister of Burma Chief Minister of Norfolk Island (Australia) Chief Minister of Guernsey Chief Minister of Gibraltar Chief Minister (India) Chief Minister of Jersey Chief Minister of the Isle of Man Chief Minister of Montserrat Chief Ministers in Malaysia Chief Minister of Singapore Chief Minister of Mandalay Region Chief Minister of Galmudug state of Sonalia

Informal chief ministers[edit]

Chief minister of France List of chief ministers of England and Great Britain


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Titles used for heads of government

Chancellor Chief executive Chief minister Federal Council (collective head of government) First minister (and deputy First Minister) Minister-president Premier President President
of the Executive Council President
of the Council of Ministers President
of the government Prime minister State Elder Stats