Chica vampiro (Vampire Girl) is a Colombian teen telenovela produced by RCN Television. It is an original story written by Argentinian Marcela Citterio (es), whose work has included Amor en Custodia, Patito Feo, Braveheart, and Aurora, among others. The young couple starring in the telenovela is composed of Greeicy Rendón and Santiago Talledo. Throughout Latin America, the series is broadcast by Nickelodeon Latin America. According to KidScreen Magazine, as of February 2014, Chica Vampiro was the most viewed program among children and teens between the ages of 4 and 17 in Colombia.[1]


Daisy O'Brian (Greeicy Rendón) is a normal girl who dreams of a singing career in musical comedy. Her parents are vampires, and as per her family tradition, the decision to become a vampire or not is taken when one turns 16. When she turn sixteen, Daisy decides to stay human to live next to her love, Max (Santiago Talledo), who is her neighbor and classmate.[citation needed]

However, that same day, a fatal accident changes her life forever. The doctor says to her parents that she is not going to make it. So, her parents decide to bite Daisy, to save her, turning her into a vampire. This makes Vicente (her younger brother) the only mortal in the family. From that moment, Daisy leads a double life full of risks, where she must attend a human school, hiding her nature, and also go to vampire school and take classes for newly bitten vampires.[citation needed]

Cast and characters

Main cast

  • Greeicy Rendón as Daisy O'Brian. Ulisses & Ana's daughter. Maria's & Dracula's granddaughter. Vicente's sister. Wendy's niece. Lucia' best friend. Just turned 16, with a peculiar and unconventional beauty, she loves to sing, dance and act. She is an artist, witty, impatient and often ironic. After being hit by a truck, she discovers that she has become a vampire girl, and her life changes forever. She is in love with Max, but doesn't tell him that she is a vampire because she fears his reaction. Her power is one that many young people want to have: invisibility.[citation needed]
  • Santiago Talledo as Max De La Torre. Sixteen years old, he loves to sing and dance. He is considered the most handsome boy of the college. His only love is Daisy, with whom he feels insecure and nervous. As he is unaware that she has become a vampire girl, many misunderstandings arise between them.[citation needed]
  • Eduardo Pérez as Mirco Vladimoff. Catalina's and Bruno's son. Julieta's brother. Esmeralda's half-brother. A vampire rock star, aged 251, he still looks like a 17-year-old. He is in love with Daisy and believes that they are destined to be together because of a prophecy from two centuries ago. Later falls in love with Lucia. Turns out Lucia was the girl from the prophecy.

His power : can make a person lose any of their 5 senses (sight, talk, hear, taste, feel)[citation needed]

  • Lorena García as Marilyn Garcés. Daisy's classmate, lives in constant competition with her. She is in love with Max, but unfortunately for her, he loves Daisy. She can sing and dance very well. It despot, arrogant, capricious, explosive, calculating, careerist, liar, manipulative. Always wants attention. Her best friend is Belinda.[citation needed]

Supporting cast

  • Estefany Escobar as Lucia Barragan, Best friend and confidant of Daisy. She is the only one who knows the secret of Daisy and her family, but that is far from scaring her, she loves vampires. She is a fan and knows all about them. Her room is full of vampire posters, vampire books and other vampire stuff. Moreover, her dream is to become a vampire one day. She falls in love with Mirco, but he only has eyes for Daisy. She's funny, active, positive, cheerful, spontaneous, enterprising. She always tries to help Daisy solve her problems, but sometimes it goes all wrong.[citation needed]
  • Juan Pablo Obregón as Ulises O'Brian, He is Daisy and Vicente's father. Dracula's and Maria's son-in-law.Wendy's brother-in-law. He adores his wife Ana, whom he met 300 years ago, when he was a mortal man, and became a vampire after she bit him. He's a good father towards his children, but is jealous, not only of his wife but of Daisy too. He is a scientist and invents all kinds of products for vampires to live in the human world. For this reason, he is highly respected and hated in the Vampire World.

His power: Hypnosis.[citation needed]

  • Jacqueline Arenal as Ana McLaren, Daisy & Vicente's mother. Ulises' wife. Maria & Dracula's daughter. Wendy's half-sister. A vampire of over 300 years old. She is an unpredictable woman. She hates routine, but gets stressed easily. She is jealous with her husband when it comes to Catalina, who was her best friend until Ulises choose Ana as his wife. Her frustration is not knowing who is her father. Her mother, Maria, has not wanted to tell the secret. Ana is a dentist for vampires in the mortal world.

Her power: telekinesis.[citation needed]

  • Norma Nivia as Catalina Vladimoff, She is a 300-year-old vampire, mother of Mirco and Julieta. Step-mother of Esmeralda. Stunning, smart, manipulative, calculator, and overprotective. In the past, she and Anna were best friends, until they met Ulises and the two fell madly in love with him. But he fell in love with Ana and she turned him into a vampire. Since then Ana is her worst enemy.

Her power: read the thoughts of others.[citation needed]

  • Vanessa Blandon as Belinda De La Torre, Max's twin sister. She is a typical teenager, submissive, insecure, low self-esteem. Very impressionable and naive. Marilyn, her supposed best friend, 'uses' her at will, almost without mercy, but Belinda admires and follows her in all her crazy ideas. She helps Marilyn to get Daisy in trouble, but then she gets really sad and feels remorse, as she notices that it is indirectly affecting her brother Max.[citation needed]
  • David Prada as Alejandro Corchuelo, Max's best friend and confidant. He is cheerful, talkative, funny, but a little awkward when it comes to making friends, so he always asks Max to take the initiative with the girls. He feels an attraction to Belinda, even if he shows it very little, but he cares for her every time he sees her and knows she had a fight with her friend Marilyn. He likes sports, music, dancing, going out with friends, and video games. Was turned into a vampire by Isadora.

His power: turn into any object.[citation needed]

  • Erick Torres as Vicente O'Brian, Daisy's younger brother. Ulises & Ana's son. Maria & Dracula's grandson. Sympathetic, inventor, witty, and a highly pampered glutton, who is used to manipulate his family to get what he wants. He runs very fast when he is in trouble, he is very curious and restless, a magnet for accidents. He admires his sister Daisy, which whom he has the typical brother-sister love/hate relationship.[citation needed]
  • Lala Aguirre as Julieta Vladimoff, Catalina's and Bruno's daughter. Mirco's sister, Esmeralda's half-sister. She's a 'girl' vampire but actually is more than 100 years old. Cute, funny, intelligent, mysterious, a little lonely. She has almost no friends, so she retreats to the internet, where she meets Vicente and later becomes his partner in mischief.

She has the power to walk through walls.[citation needed]

  • Chiara Francia - Esmeralda Vladimoff. Bruno's and Nora's daughter. Catalina's step-daughter. Mirco's and Julieta's half-sister. Grew up in the Human world,unaware of the vampire world or that her parents were vampires. She's a TV star. Was bit by Julieta (she was jealous because she was working with Vicente). Lives with Catalina & her half-siblings in the vampire world.

Her power - can make a person say the truth when she touches them.

  • Susana Posada as Zaira Fangoria, Vampire for over 100 years. Mirco's best friend. She loves him deeply and hopes that some time he will pay attention to her. She is coordinator and professor in the school of vampires. She sings and dances very well. She is bold, cool, noble.

Her power: can leave humans and vampires on pause, like statues, and is learning to turn back time.[citation needed]

  • Linda Lucía Callejas as María McLaren, Maria is Dracula's wife. Ana's mother. Daisy and Vicente's grandmother. Ulises' mother-in-law. She is a six hundred years old vampire. She is far from being the classic tales granny. While being Ana's mother, the reality is that she looks like her sister. She loves breaking the rules and is almost as mischievous as Vicente. Very amorous, her love has always been Dracula.

Her power: make people fall asleep instantly.[citation needed]

  • Rafael Taibo as Drácula BlackMerMoon. Maria's husband. Ana and Wendy's father. Daisy and Vicente's grandfather. Ulises' father-in-law. A real hunk. Infidel by nature: women do not want to stay with the desire and be sad for him. You cannot with his genius. It is arrogant and cocky to the point. There is no one better than him, the Count, the only, the irresistible, the incomparable. He is admired in the Vampire World as a single and enjoy celebrity leadership.

His superpower is to enter another's body like that.[citation needed]

  • Constanza Hernández as Noelia Pirrman, the maid of the O'Brians. Friendly with the people she likes, helpful when she wants, funny, adventurous and somewhat clueless. She always forgets that she must keep up appearances with guests about being a vampire. Everything about her is very special. Her power: super strength.[citation needed]
  • Bibiana Navas as Lynette De La Torre, mother of Max and Belinda. She is modern, vain, and nosy. Maintains a relationship with her unloving husband, for convenience and custom. Frivolous and superficial, what matters most for her is the external beauty. She adores creams and beauty treatments, clothes and social events, and jewelry. Always concerned about the success of Max. She lives stuck to the window, watching Daisy's house. She dreams of discovering the secret of the strange youth and beauty of her neighbors, Ana and María.[citation needed]
  • Gustavo Ángel as Álvaro De La Torre, Max and Belinda's father. A cosmetic surgeon, hyper careful of their image. Fashion Dress, always tan and using high-tech products. He loves to live comfortably, dreams of his bachelor life for peace of mind and does not support that Lynette does not let him hold meetings with his friends to proofread everything he do. The relationship with his children is rather distant, economically supports them all, but only of their lives pending matters.[citation needed]


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