The Info List - Cheshire (UK Parliament Constituency)

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is a former United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Parliamentiary constituency for the county of Cheshire. It was a constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of England
Parliament of England
then of the Parliament of Great Britain from 1707 to 1800 and of the Parliament of the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
from 1801 to 1832. As a county palatine it was unrepresented in the Parliament until the Chester and Cheshire
(Constituencies) Act 1542 (34 & 35 Hen VIII. c. 13). Cheshire
was represented by two Knights of the Shire from 1545, with only County Durham
County Durham
out of the English counties being left unrepresented after that. It was divided between the constituencies of North Cheshire
and South Cheshire
in 1832.


1 Members of Parliament

1.1 1545–1659 1.2 1659–1832

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Members of Parliament[edit] This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. 1545–1659[edit]

created (1545)

Year First member Second member

1545 Sir Lawrence Smith Sir Hugh Calverley

1547 Sir William Brereton Sir Hugh Cholmley

Mar 1553 Sir Thomas Holcroft Sir Thomas Venables

Oct 1553 Edward Fytton

Apr 1554 Sir Henry Delves Richard Wilbraham

Nov 1554 Sir Richard Cotton

1555 Sir Lawrence Smith Richard Wilbraham

1558 Richard Hough James Done

1559 Sir William Brereton Sir Ralph Leycester

1563 Sir Thomas Venables William Massye

1571 Thomas Calveley Thomas Stanley

1572 George Calveley William Booth

1584 Thomas Egerton Hugh Cholmondeley

1586 John Savage

1589 Sir George Beeston

1593 Thomas Holcroft John Done

1597 Sir William Brereton Thomas Egerton

1601 Sir Peter Legh Thomas Holcroft

1604 Sir Thomas Holcroft Sir Roger Aston

1614 Sir William Brereton Sir Roger Wilbraham

1621 Sir Richard Grosvenor

1624 William Booth William Brereton

1625 Sir Robert Cholmondeley, Bt Sir Anthony St John

1626 Sir Richard Grosvenor, 1st Baronet Peter Daniell

1628 Sir William Brereton, 1st Baronet

April 1640 Sir Thomas Aston, 1st Baronet

November 1640 Peter Venables

1646 George Booth

1653 Robert Duckenfield Henry Birkenhead

Four members returned to First Protectorate Parliament
First Protectorate Parliament

Year First member Second member Third member Fourth member

1654 John Bradshaw Sir George Booth, Bt Henry Brooke John Crew

1656 Richard Legh Thomas Marbury Peter Brooke


Two members returned to Third Protectorate Parliament
Third Protectorate Parliament

Year First member First party Second member Second party

1659 John Bradshaw

Richard Legh

1660 Sir George Booth, Bt

Sir Thomas Mainwaring, Bt

1661 The Lord Brereton

Peter Venables

1664 Sir Fulk Lucy

1670 Thomas Cholmondeley

1678 Hon. Henry Booth Whig

February 1679 Sir Philip Egerton

September 1679 Sir Robert Cotton, Bt Whig

1685 Sir Philip Egerton

Thomas Cholmondeley

1689 Sir Robert Cotton, Bt Whig Sir John Mainwaring, Bt Whig

1702 Sir George Warburton, Bt Tory Sir Roger Mostyn, Bt Tory

1705 Langham Booth Whig John Offley-Crewe Whig

1710 Sir George Warburton, Bt Tory Charles Cholmondeley

1715 Langham Booth Whig

1722 Charles Cholmondeley

John Offley-Crewe Whig

1727 Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton, Bt

1734 John Crewe

1753 Charles Crewe

1754 Samuel Egerton

1756 Thomas Cholmondeley

1768 John Crewe Whig

1780 Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton, Bt

1796 Thomas Cholmondeley

1802 William Egerton

1806 Davies Davenport

1812 Wilbraham Egerton Tory

1830 Viscount Belgrave Conservative

1831 George Wilbraham Whig

abolished (1832)

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