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Charles Washington (May 2, 1738 – September 16, 1799) was the youngest brother of United States President George Washington. He was a son of Augustine Washington
Augustine Washington
and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington. Biography[edit] Charles was born at Hunting Creek
Hunting Creek
in Stafford County, Virginia
(now Fairfax County). He married Mildred Thornton, daughter of Colonel Francis Thornton and Frances Gregory around 1761. They had four children. He arrived in present Jefferson County, West Virginia, between April and October 1780 and founded Charles Town. There he erected a house, Happy Retreat, the same year. In 1786, on 80 acres (323,750 m²) of his adjoining land, Charles laid out the streets of Charles Town, naming many of them after his brothers and one after his wife, Mildred. He donated the four corner lots at the intersection of George and Washington Streets for public buildings of the town and county, provided the town become the seat of the county upon its separation from Berkeley County. Jefferson County was formed in 1801 as Charles anticipated. The county court house stands on one of these lots.[1] Charles died sometime between July and September, 1799, only a short while before the death of his brother, George. The grave sites of Charles and Mildred are near Evitts Run and have recently been located and surrounded by a stone wall. Ancestry[edit]

Ancestors of Charles Washington

16. Lawrence Washington

8. John Washington

17. Amphyllis Twigden

4. Lawrence Washington

18. Nathaniel Pope

9. Anne Pope

19. Lucy (Luce) Fox

2. Augustine Washington

20. Augustine Warner

10. Augustine Warner
Augustine Warner

21. Mary Towneley

5. Mildred Warner

22. George Reade

11. Mildred Read

23. Elizabeth Martian (Martiau)

1. Charles Washington

24. William Ball

12. William Ball

25. Dorothy Tuttle

6. Joseph Ball

26. Thomas Atherold

13. Hannah Atherold

27. Mary Harvey

3. Mary Ball

28. Peter Montague

14. Peter Montague

29. Cicely Matthews

7. Mary Montague

30. Meindert Doodes

15. Mary Doodes

31.Mary Garrett (or Geret)


^ As did the jail until 1919 when it was demolished to be replaced by the post office.

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The Washington family

First generation

Lawrence Washington (1602–1653)

Second generation

John Washington

Third generation

Lawrence Washington (1659–1698)

Fourth generation

Augustine Washington

Fifth generation

Lawrence Washington (1718–1752) Augustine Washington
Augustine Washington
Jr. George Washington Betty Washington Lewis Samuel Washington John Augustine Washington Charles Washington William Washington

Sixth generation

Bushrod Washington George Steptoe Washington Lawrence Augustine Washington George William Washington

Seventh generation

John Thornton Augustine Washington George Corbin Washington

Eighth generation

Lawrence Berry Washington Lewis Washington Benjamin Franklin Washington William D. Washington Eugenia Washington


Coat of arms

Washington family residences Abingdon Arlington House Beall-Air Blakeley Cedar Lawn Claymont Court Fairfield Ferry Farm George Washington
George Washington
Birthplace National Monument Happy Retreat Harewood Kenmore Mary Washington House Mount Vernon Richwood Hall Ridgedale Rising Sun Tavern River Farm Sulgrave Washington Old Hall

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George Washington

1st President of the United States, 1789–1797 Senior Officer of the Army, 1798–1799 Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, 1775–1783 Second Continental Congress, 1775 First Continental Congress, 1774

Military career Revolutionary War

Military career French and Indian War

Jumonville Glen Battle of Fort Necessity Forbes Expedition

Washington and the American Revolution Commander-in-chief, Continental Army Aides-de-camp Washington's headquarters Boston campaign

Siege of Boston

New York and New Jersey campaign

Delaware River crossing Battle of Trenton

Philadelphia campaign

Battle of Brandywine Battle of Germantown Battle of White Marsh Valley Forge Battle of Monmouth

Battles of Saratoga Sullivan Expedition Yorktown campaign

Siege of Yorktown

Culper spy ring Newburgh Conspiracy

Newburgh letter

Resignation as commander-in-chief Badge of Military Merit

Purple Heart

Washington Before Boston Medal Horses: Nelson and Blueskin

Other U.S. founding events

1769 Virginia

Continental Association

1774 Fairfax Resolves Court of Appeals in Cases of Capture 1785 Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon
Conference Chairman, 1787 Constitutional Convention


United States presidential election, 1788–89 1792 First inauguration

inaugural bible

Second inauguration Title of "Mr. President" Cabinet of the United States

Secretary of State Attorney General Secretary of the Treasury Secretary of War

Judiciary Act of 1789 Nonintercourse Act Whiskey Rebellion

Militia Acts of 1792

Coinage Act of 1792

United States Mint

Proclamation of Neutrality

Neutrality Act of 1794

Jay Treaty Pinckney's Treaty Slave Trade Act of 1794 Residence Act Thanksgiving Proclamation Farewell Address State of the Union Address 1790 1791 1792 1793 1796 Cabinet Federal judicial appointments

Views and public image

Presidential library The Washington Papers Religious views Washington and slavery Town Destroyer Legacy

Life and homes

Early life Birthplace Ferry Farm
Ferry Farm
boyhood home Mount Vernon

Gristmill Woodlawn Plantation

Samuel Osgood House, First Presidential Mansion Alexander Macomb House, Second Presidential Mansion President's House, Philadelphia Germantown White House Custis estate Potomac Company James River and Kanawha Canal Mountain Road Lottery Congressional Gold Medal Thanks of Congress President-General of the Society of the Cincinnati Washington College Washington and Lee University Electoral history of George Washington

Memorials and depictions

Washington, D.C. Washington state Washington Monument Mount Rushmore Washington's Birthday Purple Heart The Apotheosis of Washington George Washington
George Washington
(Houdon) George Washington
George Washington
(Ceracchi) George Washington
George Washington
(Trumbull) Washington Crossing the Delaware General George Washington
George Washington
at Trenton Washington at Verplanck's Point General George Washington
George Washington
Resigning His Commission Unfinished portrait Lansdowne portrait The Washington Family
The Washington Family
portrait Washington at Princeton
Washington at Princeton
painting Point of View sculpture George Washington
George Washington
University Washington University Washington Masonic National Memorial George Washington
George Washington
Memorial Parkway George Washington
George Washington
Bridge Washington and Jefferson National Forests Washington Monument, Baltimore Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.
statue List of memorials U.S. Postage stamps

Washington-Franklin Issues 1932 bicentennial


Washington quarter Washington dollar Silver bullion coins

Cultural depictions George Washington
George Washington
(1984 miniseries 1986 sequel)


Bibliography Founding Fathers of the United States Republicanism Federalist Party

Federalist Era

dynasty Coat of arms Cherry-tree anecdote River Farm Washington's Crossing 1751 Barbados trip Category Syng inkstand General of the Armies American Philosophical Society American Revolution


Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon
Ladies' Association

Ancestry and family

Martha Washington
Martha Washington
(wife) John Parke Custis
John Parke Custis
(stepson) George Washington
George Washington
Parke Custis (step-grandson, adopted son) Eleanor Parke Custis (step-granddaughter, adopted daughter) Augustine Washington
Augustine Washington
(father) Mary Ball (mother) Lawrence Washington (half-brother) Augustine Washington
Augustine Washington
Jr. (half-brother) Betty Washington Lewis (sister) Samuel Washington
Samuel Washington
(brother) John A. Washington (brother) Charles Washington (brother) Lawrence Washington (grandfather) John Washington
John Washington
(great-grandfather) Bushrod Washington
Bushrod Washington

John Adams
John Adams


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