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Charles Hubbard Judd
Charles Hubbard Judd
(February 20, 1873 – July 18, 1946[1]) was an American educational psychologist who played an influential role in the formation of the discipline. Part of the larger scientific movement of this period, Judd pushed for the use of scientific methods to the understanding of education and, thus, wanted to limit the use of theory in the field. Born in Bareilly, India
of American missionary parents, Judd obtained a PhD
at the University of Leipzig
University of Leipzig
under the tutelage of Wilhelm Wundt.[2] Judd was director of the Department of Education at the University of Chicago
University of Chicago
from 1909 to 1938. His works include Genetic Psychology for Teachers, Psychology of Social Institutions and Psychology of High-School Subjects (Boston, 1915). Selected publications[edit]

Judd, Charles Hubbard. Psychology of high-school subjects. Ginn and Company, 1915. Judd, Charles Hubbard, and Leon Carroll Marshall. Lessons in community and national life. Series B, for the first class of the high school and the upper grades of the elementary school. United States. Bureau of Education; United States. Food and Drug Administration, 1918. Judd, Charles Hubbard, and Guy Thomas Buswell. Silent reading: A study of the various types. No. 23. University of Chicago, 1922. Judd, Charles Hubbard. The psychology of social institutions. (1926).


^ "G. T. Buswell," in: The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 60, No. 1 (Jan., 1947), pp. 135-137. Published by: University of Illinois Press Article Stable URL: https://www.jstor.org/stable/1417336 ^ Brock, Adrian. "Charles Hubbard Judd: A Wundtian Social Psychologist in the United States." Psychologie und Geschichte 3.3/4 (1992).

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Charles Hubbard Judd
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