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Chandragupta I
Chandragupta I
was a king of the Gupta Empire
Gupta Empire
around 319 CE. As the ruler of the Gupta Empire, he is known for forging alliances with many powerful families in the Ganges
region. Description[edit] Chandragupta I
Chandragupta I
was the son of Ghatotkacha and the grandson of Sri Gupta. Unlike his predecessors, who were known as Maharaja (king), he came to be known as Maharajadhiraja (king of kings). He came to power in 319 CE as his father Ghatotkacha died leaving him on the throne.[citation needed] However, it remains unknown how he expanded a "small principality to the status of an important kingdom" by annexing neighbouring kingdoms. He also married a Licchhavi princess, Kumaradevi, indicating that the matrimonial connections between the two led to the "political greatness" of the Gupta dynasty.[1] The exact boundaries of his empire remains unknown. He had two main sons. The eldest was Kachagupta
and the younger was Samudragupta. References[edit]

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Regnal titles

Preceded by Ghatotkacha Gupta Emperor 320–335 Succeeded by Samudragupta

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