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Chamillitary Entertainment (sometimes credited as Chamillitary Camp Music and Chamillitary Records) is a record/entertainment company owned and run by rapper Chamillionaire. It was distributed by Universal Records until January 15, 2011 because Chamillionaire and the label parted ways. It has since been an independent record label company.


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History[edit] Chamillitary Entertainment was founded in 2004 by Chamillionaire after he had left record labels; Swishahouse and Paid In Full Entertainment.[1] Chamillionaire, alongside The Color Changin' Click, found themselves without a label home- after a falling out with Paul Wall, who returned to Swishahouse. In early 2004, Chamillionaire decided to form his own label; Chamillitary Entertainment. He signed his younger brother Rasaq to the label, as well as 50/50 Twin. Rasaq would eventually leave the label to pursue his own goals and 50/50 Twin left the label in 2006. Chamillionaire later signed Lil Ken to the label in 2007 along with R&B singer Tony Henry and Yung Ro. Yung Ro would eventually leave the label in late 2008 due to differences with Chamillionaire. The label has been independent since January 15, 2011. This is because Chamillionaire and Universal parted ways. Chamillionaire is currently working on his 3rd studio album Poison. While working on Poison, Chamillionaire has gone on to release various projects and singles. Artists[edit]

Artist Year Signed # of Projects under Chamillitary Entertainment

Chamillionaire 2004 28

Lil Ken 2007 7

Tony Henry 2007 2

Former artists[edit]

Artist Year Signed Year Left # of Projects under Chamillitary Entertainment

Rasaq 2004 2006 2

50/50 Twin 2004 2006 0

Yung Ro 2007 2008 0

Discography[edit] Albums[edit]

2005: The Sound of Revenge by Chamillionaire 2007: Ultimate Victory by Chamillionaire TBA: Poison by Chamillionaire 2012: The Soul Experience by Tony Henry

Extended Plays[edit]

2012: Ammunition (EP) by Chamillionaire 2013: Elevate by Chamillionaire 2013: Reignfall by Chamillionaire 2015: Nawfwest God EP by Lil Ken

Compilation Albums[edit]

2005: Chamillitary


Rasaq & Chamillionaire

2004: Bootlegger's Special 1.5 2004: Ghetto Status

The Color Changin' Click

2004: The Mixtape Messiah (Disk 3) 2005: Tippin Down 2005

Lil Ken

2007: The Undisputed 2008: Money Power & Fame 2011: Chamillitary Presents Famous as... Hollywood Jackson 2013: Hollywood Chronicles 2013: Hollywood Chronicles Vol. 2 2014: Underground Giant Pt. 2

Tony Henry

2009: Jam Sessions


2004: The Mixtape Messiah 2005: The Truth 2005: Man on Fire 2005: Big Business (With Stat Quo) 2006: Mixtape Messiah 2 2007: Mixtape Messiah 3 2008: Mixtape Messiah 4 2008: Mixtape Messiah 5 2009: Mixtape Messiah 6 2009: Mixtape Messiah 7 2009: I Am Legend: Greatest Verses 2009: Hangin' Wit' Mr. Koopa 2010: Major Pain 2011: Major Pain 1.5 2012: Badazz Freemixes 2012: Badazz Freemixes 2 2012: Badazz Slow-Mixes 2014: Greatest Verses Vol. 2


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