Chambar, or Chamber, is a town of Tando Allahyar District in the
Sindh Sindh (; ; ur, , ; historically romanized as Sind) is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. Located in the southeastern region of the country, Sindh is the third-largest province of Pakistan by land area and the second-largest provinc ...
province of
Pakistan Pakistan ( ur, ), officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ( ur, , label=none), is a country in South Asia. It is the world's fifth-most populous country, with a population of almost 243 million people, and has the world's second-la ...
. It is headquarters of Chamber Taluka (an administrative subdivision of the district). The town itself is administratively subdivided into two Union councils. It is located at 25°18'0N 68°49'0E with an altitude of .


The word ''Chambar'' is derived from the
Sindhi language Sindhi ( ; , ) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about 30 million people in the Pakistani province of Sindh, where it has official status. It is also spoken by a further 1.7 million people in India, where it is a scheduled language, without ...
; it means "to cling to someone". Chambar is also the Sindhi caste which live in the Sindh province of Pakistan.


Geographically, the climate of Chambar is warm in the winter as well as in summer.


The industrial factors which affect the industrial condition of city chambar is the production of sugar from Chamber Sugar Mill Pvt Ltd owned by Anwer Majeed.

Revenue collection

The strongest source of revenue collection from the city chambar is the Maalpirri; and T.M.O collects revenues from the maalpirri as well as the fruit and vegetable selling carts which runs on the road. The Chairman of T.C of city Chamber (2018) is Mr. Jabram Amin Hyderi.


The total population of Chambar is more than 25000.


There are many castes living in the city chambar including Kumbhar, Memon, Laghari, Khatti, Punjabi, Brohi, Samoo, Pathan, Noondani, Hindus which are basically Maheshwaris and Lohanas. Maheshwaris includes Rathi, Dewani and Satgur out of which Dewanis are to be well knowned by educational background.


Most of the population of Chambar belongs to religion Islam and minority of the population belongs to Hinduism and Christianity.


There is not any airport or railway station system in the city. There is only one route by road which is known as Chamber Road; it connects Tando-Allahyar with
Badin Badin (Sindhi and ur, ) is the main city and capital of Badin District in Sindh, Pakistan. It lies east of the Indus River. It is the 87th largest city in Pakistan. Badin is often called 'Sugar State' due to its production of sugar. Badin D ...
and many other cities of Sindh.

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