The Info List - Chain Reaction - Anaheim Ca 11/5/05

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Chain Reaction – Anaheim Ca 11/5/05 is a live recorded CD by Greensburg, Pennsylvania indie-rock band The Juliana Theory released on April 11, 2006 on Instant Live Rec.. Track listing[edit] Disc 1:

Shotgun Serenade To the Tune of 5,000 Screaming Children If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop? I Love You to Death (Drive Safe) August In Bethany The Final Song White Days Leave Like a Ghost (Drive Away) This Is a Love Song... for the Loveless

Disc 2:

Into the Dark Do You Believe Me? French Kiss off This Is the End of Your Life Constellation This Valentine Ain't No Saint (Encore)

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The Juliana Theory

Chad Alan Brett Detar Joshua Fiedler Neil Hebrank Joshua Kosker Jeremiah Momper Joshua Walters

Studio albums

Understand This Is a Dream Emotion Is Dead Love Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat

Extended plays

The Juliana Theory / Dawson High Split The Juliana Theory / Onelinedrawing / The Grey AM 3 Way Split Music from Another Room

Live albums

Live 10.13.2001 Downtown Brewing Co. – San Luis Obispo Ca 11/2/05 Troubadour – West Hollywood Ca 11/3/05 Chain Reaction – Anaheim Ca 11/5/05 Neckbeard's – Tempe Az 11/7/05 Scrappy's – Tucson Az 11/8/05


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