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Chad Alan (also known as Chad Monticue) is a musician, known for providing lead vocals for the band Pensive, and also for playing bass guitar and providing backing vocals for the bands The Juliana Theory Derek White and the Monophobics. Currently he is a singer/songwriter for the group Vesta Chad plays bass/back up vocals for the band 1,2,3.


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Personal life[edit] Born in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, Chad's musical influence came when stumbling onto his parents vintage rock and roll, R&B and 70s Gold Vinyl collection. "I am told I couldn't sleep when I was younger without music playing." So I was inspired at a young age and wanted to play music very early". "I used to play piano by ear. I remember writing silly songs when I was young and hacking up dreadful versions of Imagine and Hey Jude that I thought were amazing when I was a kid."[1] Chad is also a keen writer of short stories and screenplays mostly, in his spare time. "I write fiction. Shorts, screenplays mostly but I never have the patience or time to focus on it entirely. I would be a great film maker in another lifetime." "I am interested in putting together a coffee table book called 'Sit Down Graffiti.' It would feature bathroom artwork and tags found in the countries coolest venues around the world. It would include interviews and pictures and storys of my favorite bands". "I think the bathroom is an intimate place a safe haven of peoples most random and profound thoughts. Capturing that process would be interesting and documenting it would be an artistic adventure."[1] Chad is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and enjoys playing and watching baseball. He's also a former student of West Moreland County Community College as well as The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.[1] Career[edit] Pensive[edit] Chad's music career began by singing in the band Pensive. The group was formed in 1996 and featured a line-up including The Juliana Theory and Zao alumni Chad Alan (vocals), Brett Detar (guitar), Martin Lunn (bass) and Josh Walters (drums). Pensive released one EP titled "The Subtlety of Silence" which was released in 1997. The Subtlety of Silence record was distributed by Akeldama.[2] The Juliana Theory[edit] Chad helped form the influential indie rock outfit The Juliana Theory in 1997, along with Joshua Fiedler, Brett Detar, Jermiah Momper and Neil Hebrank.[citation needed] The band went on to chart in the Billboard top 100 with their Epic Records release "Love" selling hundreds of thousands of records. [1] on February 23, 2009 Chad took part in an absolutepunk.net chat talking about The Juliana Theory and also his new band Vesta.[3] Chad shared that his favourite album was the final studio album Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat "I think for myself I would name Deadbeat as my personal favorite. It was a very organic album for the band and a lot of fun to write."[4] On February 9, 2006, After years of touring and recording, "The Juliana Theory Is Dead" was the official statement from the band on their official website and also on the band's Myspace page. Reasons cited for the group's disbandment include issues with record labels Tooth and Nail and Epic. As of August 2009 the post has received 1057 Kudos.[5] Derek White and the Monophobics[edit] Chad was the bass player for the band Derek White and the Monophobics who independently released their self-produced debut album on Saturday March 1, 2008.[6] On February 23, 2009 Chad took part in an absolutepunk.net chat and shared "The Monophobics was a great time. I really think that playing a lot of that stuff made me a more rounded player for sure. It was a chance to experiment with scales and 60s and 70s music that I truly love. Derek White wrote that stuff and he's currently the new bass player for The Takeover UK. I would love to play with him again and make a follow up and I'm glad you liked that record!".[7] The group has since disbanded.[8] Vesta[edit] Chad previously composed original music and provided bass and vocals for Vesta, a Greensburg-based rock band consisting of other former The Juliana Theory members Joshua Fiedler and Joshua Kosker and longtime friend Justin Niedzweski. Their album Daylight's Coming was self-released last December in association/distribution with Side Cho Records/Media. Vesta has started recording new music for a release later this year. The band is an indie pop outfit.[9] 1,2,3[edit] Chad is currently playing bass and providing vocals for the Pittsburgh-based rock/soul outfit 1,2,3. The band just finished up a run of shows in Austin Texas as a part of the South by Southwest music/film festival. The band was recognized and featured during The New York Times coverage of the festival. They also recorded a live session for Day Trotter that will be available this summer. 1,2,3's debut album New Heaven will be released on French Kiss Records June 21, 2011. Their tour with Glassnote Recording artists Givers reportedly starts June 19. 1,2,3 has spent the better part of the past two years recording a follow up to New Heaven titled Big Weather. Big weather is a topical double album of disaster ballads set to be self-released by the band's original record label, American Hermitage Records. http://www.americanhermitage.com References[edit]

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