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A ceremony (UK: /ˈsɛrɪməni/, US: /ˈsɛrəˌmoʊni/) is an event of ritual significance, performed on a special occasion. The word may be of Etruscan origin, via the Latin caerimonia.[1]


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Ceremonial occasions[edit] A ceremony may mark a rite of passage in a human life, marking the significance of, for example:

birth initiation (college orientation week) puberty social adulthood (Bar (or Bat) Mitzvah) graduation union (marriage) awarding retirement death (Day of the Dead) burial (funeral) spiritual (baptism, communion)

Celebration of events[edit] Other, society-wide ceremonies may mark annual or seasonal or recurrent events such as:

vernal equinox, winter solstice and other annual astronomical positions weekly Sabbath day inauguration of an elected office-holder occasions in a liturgical year or "feasts" in a calendar of saints Opening and closing of a sports event, such as the Olympic Games

Other ceremonies underscore the importance of non-regular special occasions, such as:

coronation of a monarch victory in battle

In some Asian cultures, ceremonies also play an important social role, for example the tea ceremony. Process[edit] Ceremonies may have a physical display or theatrical component: dance, a procession, the laying on of hands. A declaratory verbal pronouncement may explain or cap the occasion, for instance:

I now pronounce you husband and wife. I swear to serve and defend the nation ... I declare open the games of ... I/We dedicate this ... ... to ...

Both physical and verbal components of a ceremony may become part of a liturgy. See also[edit]

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(when the last beam is placed at the top of a building). Worship


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