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CENTROSPERMAE is a descriptive botanical name , published in 1878 by Eichler , meaning "with the seed in the center", referring to the free (central) placentation . It was used in the Engler system
Engler system
and the Wettstein system ) for an order of flowering plants .

In its circumscription , Centrospermae corresponds fairly closely to the order Caryophyllales
in the system of Cronquist . In the APG III system , and in later versions of the Kubitzki system , Caryophyllales is defined to include much more than Centrospermae.

Molecular phylogenetic studies have shown that Centrospermae is monophyletic . It is equivalent to a clade known as the core Caryophyllales, whenever the latter is defined to exclude the families Rhabdodendraceae , Simmondsiaceae , Physenaceae and Asteropeiaceae .


* Caryophyllineae


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