Aynaba, also spelt Ainabo, Ainaba or Aynabo ( so, Caynaba) is a town and serves as the capital of the Saraar region of Somaliland.


Aynaba is situated on a busy tarmac road connecting Somaliland's major cities to Somalia. The town is almost at the exact center between Burao and Las Anod, with the town being 127km and 124km away from both cities respectively. Aynaba is home to the famous Aynaba Well, well-known throughout Somaliland and among Somalis in general for its depth and abundant water, which attracts nomads from neighbouring Togdheer, Sanaag and Sool, Somalia, Sool regions and has been the subject of many poems.


19th century

During the early to mid-19th century Aynaba was the headquarters of the Soocane military faction lead by the famous poet and military leader Kite Fiqi.

Dervish movement

The town was one of many temporary local centers that the Dervish movement (Somali), Dervish movement operated from, led by the Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, Mad Mullah's second in command Haji Sudi. The town was also the sight of clashes between the movement's Sufi tariqa, the Salihiyya and its rival the Qadiriyya in 1951.

Guba series

Following a string of Habr Je'lo victories over the Dhulbahante after the collapse of the Dervish movement, in which they had captured many wells and reduced their opponents to a pitiful state, Salaan Carrabey composed a boastful poem dedicated to Aynaba called ''Haadaaqsi''. The most important victory was the capture of the famous well in the center of the town. ''Hadaaqsi'' forms part of the ''Guba'' series.


Between 1974 and 1975, a major drought referred to as the ''Abaartii Dabadheer'' ("The Lingering Drought") occurred in modern-day Somaliland and the neighbouring northern Puntland region of Somalia. The Soviet Union, which at the time maintained strategic relations with the Siad Barre government, airlifted some 90,000 people from the devastated regions of Aynaba and the town of Hobyo. New small settlements referred to as ''Danwadaagaha'' ("Collective Settlements") were then created in Jubbada Hoose (Lower Jubba) and Jubbada Dhexe (Middle Jubba) regions. The transplanted families were also introduced to farming and fishing techniques, a change from their traditional pastoralist lifestyle of livestock herding.

Oil exploration

The northern section of the wider Aynaba District, Aynaba district is home to Block SL10B/13. In November 2019, Genel energy present estimation of block potential. It conclude the existence of active petroleum system and several stacked oil reserves within the block adding up to 1.3 billion barrels of oil. Full field development will have daily output of 50.000 barrels of oil.


The town of Aynabo has a population of 75,702 residents. The town is inhabited by the Cumar Jibriil and Reer Yoonis sub-divisions of the Habr Je'lo Isaaq.


Aynabo, Somalia
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