''Catelliglobosispora koreensis'' is a species of bacteria from the family ''
Micromonosporaceae Micromonosporaceae is a family of bacteria of the class ''Actinomycetia''. They are gram-positive, spore-forming soil organisms that form a true mycelium. Genera Micromonosporaceae comprises the following genera: * '' Actinocatenispora'' Thaw ...
''. ''Catelliglobosispora koreensis'' has been isolated from soil from a
gold mine Gold Mine may refer to: * Gold Mine (board game) * Gold Mine (Long Beach), an arena *"Gold Mine", a song by Joyner Lucas from the 2020 album '' ADHD'' See also * ''Gold'' (1974 film), based on the novel ''Gold Mine'' by Wilbur Smith *Gold mining ...
cave from Kongju in
Korea Korea ( ko, 한국, or , ) is a peninsular region in East Asia. Since 1945, it has been divided at or near the 38th parallel, with North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) comprising its northern half and South Korea (Republic ...


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