Castile or Castilla may refer to:



*Castile (historical region), a vaguely defined historical region of Spain covering most of Castile and León, all of the Community of Madrid and most of Castilla–La Mancha *Kingdom of Castile, one of the medieval kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula, 1065–1230 *Crown of Castile, a medieval state in the Iberian Peninsula that formed in 1230 *Two regions of the Kingdom of Spain (until 1982): **Old Castile, in the north **New Castile (Spain), in the south *Two contemporary autonomous communities of Spain: **Castile and León, in the north **Castilla–La Mancha, in the south


*Castile, New York *Castile (village), New York *Castilla District, Piura Province, Peru *Castilla de Oro, name given by Spanish in 16th century to Central American territories *Governorate of New Castile, modern Peru *Castilla, Sorsogon, municipality in Sorsogon, Philippines

Other uses

* Castile (surname) * Castilians, inhabitants of the historical region of Castile, Spain * Castilla (Vino de la Tierra), Spanish name for wines in Castile-La Mancha * ''Castilia'' (butterfly), genus of brush-footed butterflies * ''Castilla'' (plant), genus of rubber trees * Castile soap, made with olive oil from the Castile region of Spain * Auberge de Castille, the office of the Prime Minister of Malta * Real Madrid Castilla, the reserve team of Real Madrid * The Castiles, first group to include Bruce Springsteen * Castille, a fictional character in ''Phantom Brave'' * Spanish ship ''Castilla'', any of 12 ships from the Spanish Navy * Honduran ship ''Castilla'', torpedoed by German submarine ''U-107'' during World War II

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