Cartoonito is a pre-school brand owned and distributed by Turner, available as dedicated television channels in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy, and also as a block on Boomerang across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.[1] Cartoonito is available as a channel in its own right in Southeast Asia, owned and operated by Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc.[2] and also as a branded block on Cartoon Network Arabic. The brand is aimed at young children under the age of 6 years.[3]


Cartoonito was originally a programming block on Cartoon Network Too with it airing between 06:00 and 15:00. It started on 4 September 2006 with it airing for the last time (as a block on CN Too) on 23 May 2007 as it got its own channel as a replacement for the original version of Cartoon Network Too. As it was no longer a block on Cartoon Network Too, it expanded its broadcasting hours to 03:00 until 19:00, timesharing with TCM 2, another UK-only spin-off channel from TCM.[citation needed]

In addition, the programming block agreements with Cartoon Network Too terminated, which made it 24 hours for the first time as it replaced Toonami as the current version. However, from September 2009 until March 2010, Boomerang gave up its morning programming for a new Cartoonito slot,[citation needed] terminating its 24-hour schedule which had been in place since 2001.[citation needed]

On 25 March 2010, Cartoonito was added to Virgin Media on channel 706.[4] In early 2011, Cartoonito changed its hours to 04:00 until 20:00, and revamped its early hour schedule to include more pre-school orientated shows.

Despite TCM 2 closing on 13 August 2013 at 4:00am, and being replaced with TCM +1 later in the day[citation needed], the British version of Cartoonito continued to only broadcast from 4:00am to 9:00pm. Cartoonito started broadcasting 24 hours a day on 15 January 2018.[5]

The channel switch to 16:9 Widescreen on 1 November 2017.

On 2nd March 2018, Cartoonito UK rebranded, the channel is now using the same graphics package as Cartoonito Italy.[6]



In Italy, Cartoonito is a pre-school channel in Italy which launched on 22 August 2011. It's owned by Turner Broadcasting System Europe.


Turner Broadcasting System Europe had announced it would rollout its UK-based preschoolers' channel Cartoonito across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, increasing the brand's distribution to 125 million homes in 112 territories.[7] The channel closed on 30 June 2013 in Spain, along with Cartoon Network, with its shows moving to Boing.


On 1 December 2012, Cartoonito launched in Asia Pacific in conjunction with its localized website. A key market upon launch is the Philippines, which began transmission initially in SD on the country's largest cable provider, SkyCable. Cartoonito is available as part of its Metropack and on an a la carte basis via Skycable Select.[8] Cartoonito was replaced by Boomerang on 1 January 2015.[9]

India & Pakistan

In India & Pakistan, Cartoonito was launched as a morning block for a variant of the Indian version of Cartoon Network, broadcasting for seven days a week, starting from 7 August 2013.

Middle East and North Africa

In the MENA region, an Arabic-dedicated version of Cartoonito was launched as a morning block for Cartoon Network Arabic, broadcasting for seven days a week, starting from 4 September 2011. Simultaneously, Cartoonito is also available in English in the Middle East via the Cartoonito block on the pan-European Boomerang channel. In early 2014, Cartoonito stopped broadcasting on both Cartoon Network Arabic and the pan-European Boomerang channel.

Central and Eastern Europe

In Central and Eastern Europe, Cartoonito was launched as a morning and afternoon block for Central and Eastern European Boomerang, broadcasting 7 days a week starting from 12 October 2011. It is cancelled from January 2014.

South Africa

In South Africa, Cartoonito was launched as a morning block for a variant of the pan-European Cartoon Network, broadcasting for seven days a week, starting from 7 May 2012.


The Cartoonitos

The mascots of the channel are the titular Cartoonitos, anthropomorphic 6 3D shapes named Cuba (A Cube), Ting (A Star), Spike (A Square-based Pyramid), Bubble (a Sphere), Lolly (a Cylinder) and Ringo (A Ring).

Back when the brand (and later channel) launched, half of them spoke French, and were named Dink, Ting-a-ling, Zip, Bobble, Lully and Rollo respectively. This was changed in Late 2009.

In Late 2017 with the relaunch of the channel in Italy (and later the UK), the Cartoonitos also gained a new refreshed look, and no longer speak. They now appear in Flash Animation instead of CGI.


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