Carmelray Industrial Park 1 (or CIP1) is located in Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna in the Philippines on a wide stretch of land measuring 270 hectares. Developed in stages, Phase 1 and Phase 2 cover 95 and 135 hectares respectively. It is a fully integrated industrial park. Its aim is to provide facilities that will cater to light and medium sized locators. Apart from the industrial facilities, CIP1 also has administrative and support service centers for its locators, as well as a commercial district.

One of its more important facilities is a Special Export Processing Zone, where investors and locators may avail of import/export documentation as well as tax incentives.[1] This industrial zone is bounded by Pittland, Casile, Palao, Manphil and Carmel. It is situated at the middle part of Canlubang located to the Sitio Palao of Kapayapaan Road.

The nearest residential area is Morning Fields.[1]


It has a 43 or more than companies located at Carmelray Industrial Park 1 inside in the Barangay Canlubang.

Companies Partnership company
ACS Manufacturing Corp. Philippines Philippines
AGPC, Corp.
Asia Scopro Optics Corp, Inc. Taiwan Taiwan
BASF Philippines, Inc. Philippines Philippines
Bel Mondo Italia Corp. Italy Italy
Bell Electronics Corp. Taiwan Taiwan
Carmelray Industrial Gases Corp. Philippines Philippines
Daikyo International (Phils.), Inc. Japan Japan
Denso., (Formerly known as Philippine Auto Cars, PAC
Edward Keller (Philippines), Inc. Philippines Philippines
Enkei Philippines Inc. Japan Japan
Engtek Precision Phils., Inc. Japan Japan & Philippines Philippines
Ergo, Inc. Japan Japan
Fuji Electric Phils., Inc. Japan Japan & Philippines Philippines
Fuji Film Japan Japan
Gotoh Philippines Corporation Japan Japan & Philippines Philippines
Griffith Laboratories, (Phils.) Inc. / Edward Keller Phils. Inc. Philippines Philippines
Human Nature, Inc. South Korea South Korea
Integrated Device Technology (Phils.), Inc. Philippines Philippines
Jeco Japan Japan
Leslies (Phils.), Inc. Philippines Philippines
LG Foods Corporation
Microchip Corp. Japan Japan & Philippines Philippines
Mix Plant., Inc. Japan Japan
Music Manufacturing Technology Inc. South Korea South Korea
Nature's Spring Philippines Philippines
Nitto Denko Philippines Corp.
Nitto Denko Phils., Inc. Japan Japan
Nitto-Nistem (Philippines Corporation) Japan Japan & Philippines Philippines
Philippine Precision Technology Inc. Philippines Philippines [2]
Read-Rite Philippines, Inc.,(Formerly Sunward Technologies Phils. Inc.)
Republic Chemical, Inc. (Also known as Pioneer) United States U. S. A
San Maru, Corp. Japan Japan
Sanritsu Great International Corp.
Sekisui Jushi Swanson Summit Strapping Corp.
SIIX LOGISTICS PHILS., INC. Philippines Philippines
Suzuki Philippines Inc. Japan Japan & Philippines Philippines
Shindengen Phils., Corp. Japan Japan
Temic Semiconductor Test, Inc.
Tolman Manufacturing, Inc. Switzerland Switzerland
Tong Hsing Electronics Phils., Inc. Taiwan Taiwan
Toshiba., Inc. Japan Japan
Toyo-Ink Compounds Corp. Taiwan Taiwan
Zenith Foods Corp. Philippines Philippines

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Carmelray Industrial Park 1 Zone

  • BDO Bank Carmelray Branch
  • Dualtech Training Center - Calamba
  • San Sebastian Recoletos Canlubang (Baste Canlubang)
  • Xavier School, Canlubang
  • Security Bank -The Strips Carmeltown Carmelray 1 Branch



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