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CARLOTTA GALL is a British journalist and author. She covered Afghanistan
and Pakistan
for The New York Times for twelve years.


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Carlotta Gall
Carlotta Gall
is a daughter of the British journalist Sandy Gall and Eleanor Gall. She was educated in England and read Russian and French at Newnham College, Cambridge . She received a Masters from City University, London in international relations and journalism.


She started her newspaper career with The Moscow Times
The Moscow Times
, in Moscow
, in 1994, and covered the first war in Chechnya intensively for the paper, among other stories all over the former Soviet Union. She also freelanced for British papers ( The Independent , The Times , and The Sunday Times ) as well as American publications ( USA Today , Newsweek and The New York Times).

In 1996 she co-authored with Thomas de Waal
Thomas de Waal
, Chechnya: A Small Victorious War. In 1997 she published Chechnya: Calamity in the Caucasus, the book was awarded the James Cameron prize in the UK in 1997. Gall was awarded the Kurt Schork award for international freelance journalism in 2002, the Interaction award for outstanding international reporting in 2005, and was awarded the Weintal Award for diplomatic reporting by Georgetown University
Georgetown University

In 1998 she moved to the