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Carl Lentz (born November 6, 1978) is the senior pastor of Hillsong Church, New York City. Biography[edit] Carl Lentz was born in 1978 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.[1] From 1998 to 2000, he attended North Carolina State University
North Carolina State University
and was a walk-on basketball player on the school's men's basketball team.[2][3][4][5] As an adult, he moved to Los Angeles
Los Angeles
to study at The King's College and Seminary.[6] He then went on to study at Hillsong International Leadership College of Hillsong Church
Hillsong Church
in Sydney, Australia. It was during his studies, at the age of 20, that he and Joel Houston, Brian Houston's son, had the idea to plant a campus of Hillsong Church
Hillsong Church
in New York City.[7] He graduated in theology in 2003, then returned to Virginia Beach, Virginia. He then became a youth pastor after being consecrated. Ministry[edit] In 2010, he co-founded Hillsong Church, New York City
New York City
with his wife Laura and Joel Houston.[8] Today, Hillsong NYC welcomes some 9,000+ guests over 6 services at both the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan and the Welmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ. In 2017, Hillsong NYC expanded to campuses in Connecticut and Boston. In October 2017, his first book Own The Moment was released.[needs update] He baptized personalities like Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
and Kevin Durant.[9] On October 30, 2017, while on The View, Lentz was asked if he believed abortion was a sin; he did not answer the question directly, instead saying that "The cultural, religious norm right now is that if you and I disagree, we’re done. I don’t believe that’s the case."[10] Eight days later, Lentz released a statement via Twitter saying "I do believe abortion is sinful."[11] References[edit]

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