The Capitalist Party (Norwegian Bokmål: Liberalistene; Nynorsk: Liberalistane; lit. "The Liberals")[3] is a Norwegian political party founded in 2014 that promotes a classical liberal platform.


Based on classical liberalism and Age of Enlightenment philosophies, the party advocates for a minimal state, where the responsibility of government is limited to administering the police, military, and justice system. The Capitalist Party believes that the state should be prohibited from compelling its electorate, and exists only to protect individuals from aggression, theft, and fraud. In accordance with the party's motto, the foundation of this platform holds that an individual owns his or her own life, is responsible for his or her decisions and prosperity, and that each has the inherent right to autonomously pursue his or her private interests to the extent that those pursuits do not violate the rights of another.

With convictions firmly rooted in the values of Western constitutionalism, the Capitalist Party believes in the separation of powers between the three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. This system of checks and balances will, according to the party, ensure that personal freedoms are secure and will prevent the rise of statism.

Economically, the party is dedicated to laissez-faire,[4] which advocates for a free market, devoid of invasive regulations and taxation.[5] The party views individual sovereignty as an inalienable natural condition, and holds that regulatory practices impede upon self-determination and self-ownership, thereby inhibiting individual freedom and innovative productivity. To that end, people should collaborate freely, under peaceful and voluntary conditions, without the coercion of state intervention.[6]

The Capitalist Party advocates for a gradual dismantling of the warfare-welfare state and encourages people to get off the bandwagon in the future when they have had enough of personal freedom. The Capitalist Party has also ended the debate between Libertarians and Objectivists by simply agreeing to postpone the debate till the Night-watchman state has been reached. The Capitalist Party does have a defined philosophy based on classical liberalism making it easier for its spokespeople to answer the hundreds of detailed questions coming from a potentially hostile media in the future.

Organisation and structure

The Capitalist Party was established in 2014.[7] Headquartered in Oslo, the party is organized in every Norwegian county.[8][9]

National leadership serves on the Central Executive Committee (sentralstyre), which currently includes leader Arnt Rune Flekstad, deputy leader Roald Ribe, and party secretary Geir Hoksnes.[10] Members constitute the party's legislative body, selecting leadership and protocols at the annual regional (årsmøte) and national (landsmøte) conventions.[11]

The party's youth wing is The Capitalist Youth (Liberalistisk Ungdom).[12] Established in 2004, The Capitalist Youth was originally affiliated with the Liberal People's Party until transitioning to the Capitalist Party in 2014.

National leadership

Term Leader Deputy leader Secretary
2014–2015 Espen Hagen Hammer Agnethe Johnsen Eigil Knudsen
2015–2016 Arnt Rune Flekstad Roald Ribe Eigil Knudsen
2016–2017 Arnt Rune Flekstad Roald Ribe Eigil Knudsen
2017–2018 Arnt Rune Flekstad Roald Ribe Geir Hoksnes
Landsmøte (National Congress) 2016 with party leadership
Party members during first municipal campaign in Oslo

County leadership

County Leader Deputy leader Secretary
Akershus våpen.svg Akershus Deniz Strengehagen Gungør Paal Clemet Wenger Hagene Espen Hagen Hammer
Aust-Agder våpen.svg Aust-Agder Harald Dreier Ludianos Geir Steinar Svoren
Buskerud våpen.svg Buskerud Magnus Hermansson Kjetil F. Pedersen Morten Stenersen
Finnmark våpen.svg Finnmark Stijn Van den Bruel Bjarne Høgmo Hasselberg Nina Høgmo Hasselberg
Hedmark våpen.svg Hedmark Erlend Buflod Andreas Auke Tore Flobergseter
Hordaland våpen.svg Hordaland Jon Refsdahl Jørgen Gundersen Robert Telstø Ekreskar
Møre og Romsdal våpen.svg Møre og Romsdal Henning Van Duffel Kristian Einset Stomsvik
Nord-Trøndelag våpen.svg Nord-Trøndelag Anders Hynne Markus Walderhaug Kent Roger Ingulfsvann
Nordland våpen.svg Nordland Mathias Finstad Robert Israelsen
Oppland våpen.svg Oppland Lars Jøran Nordberg Amund Farberg Tor Valåmo
Insigne Anslogae.svg Oslo Roald Ribe Bastian Winde Harbo Harald Hansen
Rogaland våpen.svg Rogaland Ronny Skjæveland Kjell Bakke Roar Aardal
Sogn og Fjordane våpen.svg Sogn og Fjordane Tor Even Eide Hogne Kirkebø Jan-Øyvind Lorgen
Sør-Trøndelag våpen.svg Sør-Trøndelag Dag Vikan Erlend Mørk
Telemark våpen.svg Telemark Benjamin Bringsås Espen Braathen
Troms våpen.svg Troms Espen Kaspersen Peter Krogseng Magnussen Agnethe Akereng Johnsen
Vest-Agder våpen.svg Vest-Agder Kenneth Tolås Hans Eivind Eikaas
Vestfold våpen.svg Vestfold Ole T. Hoelseth Martin Hem Høven Ole P. Christensen
Østfold våpen.svg Østfold Bjørn Erik Adolfsen Terje A. D. Markussen Bjørn Marius Osrønningen

Recent history

In March 2015, the Capitalist Party gathered the amount of constituent signatures required by the state to participate in Oslo's 2015 municipal elections.[13][14]

The Capitalist Party has declared support for the creation of Liberland, a micronation founded by Czech libertarian Vít Jedlička from the Party of Free Citizens.[15]

The Capitalist Party held their second national congress in the center of Oslo in April 2016.[16]

The Capitalist Party held their third national congress in the center of Oslo in April 2017.[17]


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