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CAPE LOPEZ (French : _Cap Lopez_) is a 55 km-long peninsula on the coast of west central Africa
, in the country of Gabon
. It separates the Gulf of Guineafrom the South Atlantic Ocean, and is located at latitude -0.63° (0° 38' S) and longitude 8.7° (8° 42' E). Lying in the delta of the Ogooué River, it shelters the seaport of Port-Gentil. A lighthouse has existed on the Cape since 1897; the current tower was built in 1911, but has been inactive for many years and is in danger of collapsing from erosion .

It is named after the Portuguese explorer Lopes Gonçalves, who reached it about 1474.


* Battle of Cape Lopez


* ^ "Limits of Oceans and Seas, 3rd edition" (PDF). International Hydrographic Organization. 1953. p. 19. Retrieved 7 February 2010. * ^ Phare du Cap Lopez

Coordinates : 0°37′59″S 8°42′00″E / 0.633°S 8.700°E / -0.633; 8.700

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