The Canlubang Sugar Barons were a baseball team that played in the now defunct Manila Bay Baseball League. They were the baseball team of the Canlubang Sugar Estate which is also now defunct.[1]

The baseball team was organized by the Yulo family of Canlubang, Laguna who were involved in the sugar industry.[2] During the World War II, when the Japanese occupiers of the Philippines established a baseball league in Manila, the Canlubang Sugar Barons competed under the name "Nan'yō Kōhatsu".[3] The Sugar Barons dominated the Manila Bay Baseball League[1] winning at least seven straight titles under manager, Rodolfo Tingzon.[4] and had their home field in Laguna is the only regulation baseball field in the country at that time other than the Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium.[1]

The team which existed for more than 50 years became defunct when the Manila Bay Baseball League folded in 1979.[1] The Canlubang Sugar Barons also suffered from a significant rise of sugar prices in the world market.[2] Among the team's notable players is national team player, Filomeno Codiñera.


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